27 March 2021

THE QUIRK QUARTERLY, Volume 1 | January, February, March 2021

Welcome to the first volume of The Quirk Quarterly! Every three months or so, I plan to share a collection of my recent music, TV show, literary and film highlights, as well as some mini life lessons I have learnt, all in short form. Have a read to take a journey through my hyper-fixations and to maybe get a recommendation or two for yourself! 

18 January 2021

TV shows I watched in 2020 ranked by how much I still think about them

I do love TV, but sometimes I fall out of love with streaming, and I can feel so overwhelmed by the abundance of shows out there that I just stick to YouTube or films. Then 2020 came along. Staying at home for months on end can only lead to one browsing Netflix or finally giving into the hype of popular shows. I went into lockdown binge mode already loving sitcoms, teen comedies and heavily stylised series, but I came out of 2020 loving horror and cartoons just as much. I found such gems last year that I still think about them to this day, so I decided to rank them by how much they impact my daily daydreaming...