11 October 2020

Zoom University fatigue? Here are 9 tips for getting back into online learning

Feeling a bit disengaged in Zoom classes, falling behind or just fed up with sitting at your desk all day? Here's some unprofessional advice from yours truly on how to get back into the groove...

07 May 2020

An alternative bucket list: more things to do while staying at home in quarantine

Well, one thing I can tell you for sure, is that I didn't tick a single thing off this college bucket list since I shared it in March. That's why I'm now making a different kind of bucket list for myself to complete, as well as sharing some ideas for you on how to spend your time at home. 

01 March 2020

I'm back! A catch up and my Trinity College Dublin Bucket List - things I want to do before I move in August!

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