OUTFIT | The College Uniform, and life as a university student so far

It’s crazy to think that I only began university over two months ago. Everything from picking out outfits every day to making my way to the library has become routine, but there are always surprises around the corner every week.

Those surprises can be small things like bumping into friends and organising times to meet up for lunch, deciding last minute to attend society events, or sitting beside someone new in my course before a lecture (we’re almost a term in and I haven’t even met everyone yet).

Am I enjoying my course? Absolutely. The workload is heavy, with lots of reading every week, which I do my best to do, as well challenging but fascinating assignments. Nevertheless, being surrounded by people that are just as interested as me in discussing literature is motivating. 


I never realised how demanding college would really be. With less contact hours than secondary school, I thought I’d be relaxing quite often. That’s not the case at all; as well as all the reading, I’m busy hanging out with my new course friends, training for hockey twice a week, with matches on Saturdays, and participating in society things like, recently, the 24 Hour Musical in Players (a Drama society) and signing up to be on the PR team for the Fashion Society Fashion Show! I’m interested in so many things it always leaves me short for time for blogging or vlogging, and even I’m a Celebrity now! 

While I loved having a uniform in school, having the chance to take advantage of my wardrobe for college is such a dream for me as a blogger. I find myself reaching for some key items in my wardrobe again and again in recent weeks. You would have spotted some of these pieces in my New York haul, and I think they are essentials for the current transition from autumn weather into winter.
First of all, my Borg jacket: cosy, trendy and burnt orange? What an all rounder coat. I find myself reaching for this number the most as of late, as well as these comfy checked trousers. On this chilly October Saturday, as I was out on a walk in Powerscourt with Emily, I opted for my black cap and black runners. Of course, in college, I have books and a laptop to carry, so I always have my backpack, but for this autumnal walk, I wore my black crossover bag.

Now we are almost at that time of year when it is acceptable to sing Christmas songs and watch festive films, but unfortunately it’s also exam season! Trinity College now have Michaelmas term exams as well as Trinity term ones, so I’ll be very busy in the coming weeks with essay deadlines as well as those tests to revise for. 

I think I was expecting to have it altogether in college, juggling reading and and fun and essays and blogging and YouTube with ease. I don’t know why. Yet I’m getting there, getting closer to finding that balance. So stick around! The weather outside is getting awfully frightful. ;)


  1. College is definitely time consuming. There is always so much reading to do! This was really great to read and I love your style. That jacket is SO cute.

  2. Sounds like you are having a good time in college apart from maybe the heavy workload. It sucks having exams right before Christmas, I have them too, but then at least they are over and we don't have to do much thinking about them after that.

  3. I am going through exams as well. They are scary sometimes but the thought of Christmas is what is getting me through. I wish you luck on your studies!

    Samara // The Marshall Wardrobe

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