08 September 2018

OUTFIT | Black & White Stripes with New York Brownstones, and why 'Hamilton' on Broadway made me cry

The fact that this New York street photoshoot won't be my last and that Hamilton won't be the last Broadway show I see fills me up with so much excitement. Photoshoots and musicals in Manhattan will be in the near future, two years to be exact when I live there...

No matter how much time you spend in New York, you always need more time. My weekend in the city was filled to the brim with shopping, eating, exploring my new university and crying over Hamilton, of course, all of which features in my new video above. However, after all that, I'm already looking forward to returning. It's just the nature of New York.


The evening that I had been anticipating all summer (I couldn't 'Wait for It', haha, punny) began after a day of shopping when my sister and I walked to a street near our hotel (the Lucerne) which was very NYC-esque with the 'brownstones'. So, before leaving to go see Hamilton, I wanted to document my outfit, especially against this background of Manhattan homes. I can get used to this.

I had planned on wearing these striped trousers on the trip, envisioning the outfit long before the event as I tend to do as a fashion blogger. I bought the trousers back when I needed formal wear for my trip to Zambia, but knew straight away I'd be sporting them in the city. The vertical striped pattern immediately makes a statement, complete with the white top and shoes for a summer vibe. What's great is that I can see myself wearing these trousers in the autumn and spring seasons too (may be a bit too cold for winter... nights out perhaps)!

Hamilton was the first musical that I have gone into knowing the entire story and most songs quite well. That helped me to become even more involved in the musical; as it is quick-paced, by knowing quite a lot I was able to absorb the atmosphere - the energetic choreography, the captivating staging, and most of all, the unique performances of the current Broadway cast. Having listened to Lin-Manuel Miranda and his co-stars to death on the soundtrack, it was refreshing to hear Michael Luwoye and Daniel Breaker and co. belt out the rap and hip-hop. I even preferred some of the cast's takes on lines and singing to the OBC, *shocking* but true.

I found myself finding a new love for some of the songs coming out of the theatre after seeing them live. Every song on the soundtrack is outstanding, of course, but seeing them performed live in front of you sheds a new light on them. 'The Room Where it Happened' and 'Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)' were two songs I did not appreciate near as much as I do now after seeing them. Also, I found myself laughing so often, especially at Jefferson and King George. 

And as the title of this blog post says, I did cry. Why? Three things: 
1. Eliza and Philip in 'Stay Alive - Reprise', (Sept, huit, neuf...),
2. Hamilton in 'The World Was Wide Enough' (Eliiiiza),
3. the simple fact that the musical ended. It was done.

It was weird; I think I was overwhelmed by it all so that the tears came as the curtain fell. I was so so happy, but maybe I just kept thinking to myself 'that's it, it's over Jane, no more anticipation, you've seen it now'. That feeling does come to me every now and again when I go to a concert or see a film, but not so strongly that I shed a tear and smudge my mascara. That's props to the genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda.

I need to say a huge thank you to my parents for surprising me after my final Leaving Cert exam with tickets to Hamilton and for the trip to New York, ♪ the greatest city in the wooorrrld ♪ (I'm sorry couldn't help it).


  1. These pictures are giving me huge nostalgia of when I came to NYC last year, best week of my life, I hope to live there one day!x

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  2. 100% jealous of you right now! I have been wanting to see Hamilton since listening to the soundtrack. Also I really love your pictures! I swear everywhere in New York is a photohoot oppurtunity.

    Samara // The Marshall Wardrobe

  3. Manhattan homes. I can get used to this.

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