22 August 2018

OUTFIT | Pink Culottes, and how I got into TWO universities

These outfit shots were taken on a warm evening in Connemara two weeks ago when I was going out for dinner with my family, back when I had no idea what my Leaving Cert points would be or whether I would get my first choice of university... or universiTIES...

Some time in Ballyconneely was very much needed after a hectic two week trip to Zambia with my school (watch my adventures here), and to start the few days off, we went to the Ardagh, near Clifden, for food. I definitely wanted to get out my pink culottes, as while they are quite effortless and comfortable, they make any outfit look put together (and I am all about looking put together). I styled it with my new white flowy top, which I had originally bought for the Zambia trip for a visit to the Embassy, and I thought it complimented the blush pink trousers well. I completed the look with my trusty sunglasses, necklace and watch, as well as my gold and sparkly runners, my favourites of the moment.


The trip down the West was short and sweet as I came back up in time for my Leaving Cert results. Receiving that piece of paper was one of the best moments ever - I am so delighted with the grades I got! I achieved much more than I expected, and it was a weight taken off my shoulders to see that the work I did was worth it, and that I had a good chance of getting into my first choice on the CAO. And lo and behold, I did get it.

That first choice? English Studies at Trinity College. However, I won't just be going to Trinity; I will be spending two years in Trinity and two years in Columbia University in New York. 

Here's how I got into two universities:

If you'd rather watch me explain how I got into both Trinity and Columbia, watch the video below.

Or, read on...

I applied to do English Studies in the Dual BA Program between Columbia University and Trinity College Dublin back in January. Two essays, an SAT exam and an interview later, I was accepted into the program back in March, as I fulfilled everything for Columbia, but my place was conditional on my results in the Leaving Cert - to fulfil Trinity's requirements. As I got enough points in the exams, I was offered a place in the English Studies course in Trinity, which also meant I secured my place in the Dual BA Program. 

What does the Dual BA mean? Over the course of four years studying English, I will spend first and second year in Trinity, then third and fourth year in Columbia. If all goes well, I will graduate in 2022 with two Bachelor of Art degrees, one from each university. There are about forty other students in this program from all over the world doing one of four courses; European Studies, History, Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures, and English Studies (woop).

As I've said in the video above, I will document my time in university here on the blog and on my YouTube channel, so make sure to stay tuned for all that's to come!

The day this blogpost is published I will be on a flight to New York! We have a few things planned, like seeing Hamilton, lots of shopping, but also we'll be getting a tour of Columbia University, my new college!! After NY, I'll return to Dublin to kick off my first year of uni in Trinity, and I am BUZZING.

If you'd like more info on the Dual BA Program, then I suggest visiting the website here.

Exciting times ahead!


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