30 July 2018

OUTFIT | The 'Off the Shoulder' Top, and my plans for the rest of the summer

I'm all over the 'off the shoulder' look this summer, and day by day I want to add more and more to my collection...

I love a few things about this Hollister top:
  1. The blue and white colours remind of something that Tess Christine, my favourite YouTuber, would wear in Greece and it gives off all the right vibes because of that.
  2. It is light and breezy, perfect for summer heat.
  3. The 'off the shoulder' style makes it easy to either dress up or down. I wore it in Portugal a few weeks back with washed out shorts for a chill evening look, but for this outfit I dressed it up slightly with high waisted jeans and a wristlet.


Can you believe it's the end of July already? To be honest it is quite scary how quick I settled into not having the 'not studying guilt' while sitting back and relaxing this summer. Yet, I am looking forward to having a bit more structure again. And that brings me to what is so weird about this summer; there is absolutely no certainty about where I am going come September. While I am a big believer in facing reality (results and CAO offers coming soon... ahhh...), I don't really want to just yet, which is why a certain trip to Africa is the perfect distraction.

If you are reading this in the week I publish this blogpost, I am currently venturing around Zambia with my (past omg i am graduated asdfghjkl), school mates and teachers on an outreach programme. I cannot wait to share with you guys my adventures from it! If you've been reading for a while, you'd know that I had the best time in Ethiopia back in 2016, so I have been dying to return to Africa. The trip is two weeks long, then everything is chock-a-block this August.

ugh move the top Jane it's crooked !!
I'll be spending some time in my second home, Connemara, before the day that shall not be named (results day... ahhh) and I'm looking forward to the fresh sea air and sandy beaches of the West. After another particular day that shall not be named (CAO offers day... AHHHHH) I'll then be hopping on a plane to New York! 

 Yes, I am returning to the Big Apple after last year's holiday for a quick five day trip before I go to college (but which college? what course? omg that's so scary). Of course, that trip will consist of plenty of shopping, good food, vlogging and outfit photoshoots, but the main reason we are headed back to Manhattan is that, back when I finished the Leaving Cert, my parents surprised me with tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway. I repeat, HAMILTON on BROADWAY. I jumped on the Hamilton bandwagon quite late, falling in love with the rap and hip-hop style songs back in February to help me push through the mocks. Now I am seeing it. Live. LIVE. And boy, will I know all the words of the soundtrack by then.

So, they're my plans for the rest of the summer before I head out into the unknown (ahhhhh). Make sure you are keeping up with my Instagram to see what I get up to in Zambia, and that you are subscribed to my YouTube channel if you'd like to see upcoming vlogs of my summer.

Are you into the 'off the shoulder' look?
What are your plans for the rest of the summer break?


  1. That top is super cute! You look gorgeous. It's great that you have so many amazing summer plans coming up :)

  2. WOW! You have such a busy few weeks ahead. I have been trying not to think about results and CAO. Also, you lucky duck that you are going to see Hamilton.

  3. I love your outfit but I am so jealous that you are going to see Hamilton!!! I have been blasting the soundtrack for months now. Please do a post about your experience, outfit and everything else while you are in New York.

    Samara // The Marshall Wardrobe.


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