31 December 2017

OUTFIT | Christmas Chilling, and getting back to reality

The days coming up to Christmas were jam packed with oral exams and history research, so when the last day and our school's carol service rolled around, I couldn't believe it was 3 days to Christmas. Despite the mountains of Christmas homework I was given, I ditched the books and chilled out from then until after Stephen's Day.

Christmas Eve Eve shopping, Christmas Eve mass, then the next thing I knew Christmas Day came in a flash. After screaming in happiness opening my lovely presents that morning (watch my What I Got for Christmas video here), I was able to spend my time getting ready before heading to my cousin's for present swapping. From listening to Christmas tunes to applying my new MAC pigment, I couldn't have been happier.

I bought some new pieces in Dublin on Christmas Eve Eve for the Christmas Day ensemble, and they include the sparkly culottes from & Other Stories, a shop I someday wish to be able to build my whole wardrobe from, and the cute burgundy shoes were spotted by a worn out Jane and her mother in M&S. The mesh top I bought while I was in London for the weekend about a month ago, and I thought it worked wonderfully with my new trousers with its silver detailing. Not only did I look a little festive with Christmas shimmer, but I was so comfortable


It was almost as if time stopped that day, eating my gorgeous dinner, followed by a scrumptious banoffee pie, and playing board games with my family all evening long. Yet, there was always that little tingle at the back of my brain that was aware of the homework and study ahead of me for the next two weeks.

Filming and editing my haul on St. Stephen's Day reminded how much I love creating fun content, but it saddened me a little that I won't be able to do it more often in the next while. Since, I've slowly been getting back into it, first with my homework. Biology and Business exam questions are done, but still some English essays and Maths papers are ahead of me; it seems never ending.

While I do have quite a lot to do now over the holidays, I won't let the chilling end completely. I still have some plans. As of tonight, New Year's Eve, I'll be heading to a party; not just an NYE party, but it's also for Evelyn and Lauren's 18th birthday, so double the fun. Also hope to go ice skating and to see a film with some pals next week. 

Other than that, though, it kind of will be heads in the books for me. As much as I don't want to get back to reality, and instead have more time for blogging, vlogging and simple things like watching TV shows and reading, I kind of need to keep the mojo going. 

I'm ticking the days. Mocks, orals, the real Leaving Cert... it's surreal but they are all coming quick, maybe too quickly.

Oh how I can't wait for the day I can completely relax and not have a to-do list alarm ringing in my ears.


Stay tuned for a recap on my 2017, on both the YouTube channel and the blog.

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  1. Best of luck Jane! I hope you get to really enjoy your break and not worry too much about exams. xx


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