13 July 2017

OUTFIT | A Summer Shirt and Ripped Jeans in L.A.

Time has flown since I came home from America. Roaming Vine Street in Los Angeles feels like a century ago...

But then again, it feels like yesterday. I remember the warm evening heat, the never ending series of stars on the street, the tall palm trees outlining the fading blue sky. Unfortunately, I also remember that our street did not feel particularly safe. That's one thing I forgot about L.A. since my last visit: it may be the city of dreams, the place to get yourself out there and create a life but it is still a city, and just about every city has its flaws.

These were taken on the night we arrived in Los Angeles. I had this outfit in mind while we were travelling in the car to the city; I wanted a look that was effortlessly put together, and I thought of the shirt I picked up in Hollister in San Diego, styled with my ripped jeans and silver shoes.

The shirt has cute, tiny illustrations of summer-y things, like pineapples, parrots and ice cream, and they popped as the simple grey jeans focused attention to the shirt. I wore my daily jewellery and shades I had bought in a market in Mexico, possibly real Ray Bans, but more than likely not. 

Throughout the holiday I made a habit of using my sunglasses as an accessory, a headband to keep my hair back. My brother called me out on this, but I think I may as well whip out the shades in the summer season whenever I can, even when the sun is not shining. The power of fashion, people.


We ate at this sushi place that was quite similar to Yo Sushi, a place where usually, I would not get sushi, but hot dishes instead. Yet, at the L.A. Yo-Sushi-that-wasn't-Yo-Sushi, I discovered I have a liking for sushi. I feel like eating sushi now. Sushi. 

I never thought I'd write sushi that many times in a blogpost.

If you're subscribed to my YouTube channel, you might have seen my recent upload all about my purchases from the US, including this shirt and sunglasses. You may not have seen it though, or you might not even subscribed (if so, get to it, click here), so have a watch down below if you'd like to see what other fashion and beauty bits and bobs I picked up across the Atlantic.

It's finally time to move on from all things #QOQinUSA (well, online at least, I myself will always be reminiscing about my travels). I can't believe it's been over two weeks since I've returned. Since then, I've been volunteering at a summer camp, catching up with friends and reading John Green books.

Up next? Longitude Festival this weekend!


  1. This outfit is fantastic! Definitely effortlessly put together. Love it!

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