25 June 2017

MAKEUP | ColourPop First Impressions

You know what you do when you have about three weeks to summer exams and ColourPop has free international shipping? You treat yourself, of course.

I kept hearing about ColourPop on social media and from numerous YouTubers impression and haul videos, so I was very tempted to order some products to try them out, taking the opportunity of free shipping. They're an LA brand, reasonably cheap and on trend, plus they are cruelty free. 

I bought two lip stains and a highlighter, which I believe are their bestselling products, and for free received another mini lip stain (which I am yet to try out). I’d say it took about two or so weeks to come, but that’s an estimate. In the midst of the busy study month of May, I was thrilled to come home from school and to see the box on my hall table. 

 I opened it up, and as you can see in the pictures, ColourPop certainly has the best delivery packaging. “You’re such a koala-ty friend” - how cute is that? It made my day opening up my order, and I couldn’t wait to try out my new makeup. I had to wait ’til summer rolled in…

This was the first lip product I tried out, for an 18th birthday party on the first evening of summer. I had a tan, so the colour was a perfect brown. The texture is very glossy at first, but it then dries to a matte, but soft, feel. It has high pigmentation, and is long lasting. It did come off a little bit and stain on to glasses though, but the colour stayed, and it was very comfortable and not too glossy. The picture on the website is misleading though; I thought it was going to be more pink, but at least I love nude-brown shades. This has been my go-to throughout my travels in the US.

For some reason, I forgot I ordered a part-crème-part-powder highlighter. I was surprised by the formula, which has a heavenly, soft, cushion-y feel to it. I forgot my highlighter brush on the USA trip, so I first applied it using my fingers. With its creamy formula, I honestly think its better to use a finger and to collect a good bit to translate it onto the skin. As you can see in the photos, my cheekbones are poppin'. It’s very pigmented, and even though the product itself looks pink, it is silvery on my complexion.

I was intrigued by this shade of Ultra Matte because it was created by Kathleen Lights, a big beauty guru on YouTube. I did apply this on the night of the 18th, but I didn’t expect it to be so dark (there's no lip swatch on the site), so I switched to Magic Wand. I tried it again going to a Battle of the Bands before I went away, and I loved it! It’s a dark purple, very matte and non-sticky, and it lasted a long time - just about all day really. It faded slightly when I ate and drank, but a little re-applying does no harm. It’s very flattering, which is great for such a stand out colour. My tan is gone now, but it is still a very nice colour for my skin tone. I love wearing bold colours, so this was a gem of a buy.

I'm delighted I ordered these makeup products - they are good quality for their prices. My first impression of them overall were very pleasing, and since I have been using them a lot, just about everyday. I'm definitely interested in ordering more from ColourPop - maybe their eye makeup range. It's a risk, ordering online, and this risk worked out well, especially thanks to their free shipping - my order came to $20!

Have you tried out ColourPop?


  1. That highlight sounds super different! It looks gorgeous, for sure.

  2. The highlighter is so pretty on you !


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