28 June 2017

TRAVEL | A Day in Mexico

I spent over twelve hours in Mexico recently - a quick, fun trip filled with new food, pretty views and driving along in a mini van!

25 June 2017

MAKEUP | ColourPop First Impressions

You know what you do when you have about three weeks to summer exams and ColourPop has free international shipping? You treat yourself, of course.

22 June 2017

TRAVEL | Jazz, History and Lots of Rain in New Orleans

New Orleans is a city like no other city in the USA. 
In the heat of Louisiana, it is rich with music, art, history, and heavy rainclouds…

17 June 2017

TRAVEL | Bohemian Culture Walk

I’ve always loved reading, but recently my appreciation for literature has grown immensely. Dad, knowing this, and also being interested in literature, booked a Bohemian Culture Walk in Greenwich village with Literary Pub Crawl on our stay in Manhattan. Walking around listening to stories of poets and writers sounded like my jam...

15 June 2017

OUTFIT | Central Park Culottes

Sometimes throughout my three days in Manhattan, I’d be walking along a street where yellow taxis fly by and skyscrapers scrape the sky, and I’d just say to myself: “Wow. I’m in New York.”

13 June 2017

TRAVEL | New York, New York

This was my fourth time visiting New York, and it was certainly not the last.