02 February 2017

OUTFIT | West Side Story

♫ "I like to be in America! Okay by me in Ameeer-i-ca!" 
That doesn't reflect everyone's feelings in the USA right now does it?

It's all about the 'west side' of the world. All newspapers, new stations and Twitter feeds are bombarded by the latest Trump stories. He has done so much, and it's only been just about two weeks since inauguration. Here in Ireland, I feel miles away from it, but the horrible inequality is actually closer to us than we think. That is some frightening thought.

Alright, enough political talk;

These were taken from a recent Saturday out to the Bord Gais Energy Theatre. I saw West Side Story with my friend Anna, and I must say it hit a good spot in my musical soul. 

Not my absolute favourite musical (but definitely up there), this recent production on in Dublin exceeded all my expectations. I applauded the most for its mesmerising choreography and the leading male, playing Tony in the Romeo and Juliet musical spin off. With its infectious songs and nail biting action sequences, West Side Story brought back many nostalgic memories of 6th class. We performed the musical in our final primary school days, and while our production was not up to standard of a professional theatre company, I'd say it wasn't far off.

In fact, the touring production of West Side Story that Anna and I saw is the only one in the world to currently feature Jerome Robbins’ original choreography - wow! No wonder it was the dancing I loved the most.


I wore a simple, casual smart outfit with a very basic colour palette. Mostly black, there's also burgundy and silver that pop out, as well as cute little flowery details on my top. This look, or similar,  can easily be repeated for many an occasion, hence why I think I've decided to label it a 'go-to'.

My current favourite fashion item as of right now is, without doubt, my Michael Kors bag. I was kindly surprised with it on Christmas morning, and since then, I have used it many times. The burgundy leather backpack is my ideal day out / hand luggage / travel bag. I can fit just what I need into it, it can incorporate into almost any outfit, it's a non-seasonal colour (I feel) and it's designer!!! Me and my Michael Kors - we are a match made in heaven.

I had a lovely afternoon with Anna (I must thank her for her amazing photography)! Following the matinee performance, we went out to Pizzas n' Cream and had a good ol' chat. It was wonderful day out...

...And the last of its kind - at least for another two weeks or so. Why? I'm taking part in a drama festival with my group in school, and its rehearsals are taking up all my future weekends until mid-February. Busy busy busy!

Have you ever seen West Side Story?

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