TRAVEL | My Weekend Getaway to Nice, France

For a November weekend, I visited the beautiful city of Nice in France. After spending three days there exploring, shopping and cycling around, I must admit it was a pretty 'nice' weekend...

I couldn't resist making that pun!

This trip was way over a month ago, and that shows how behind I am with everything Queen of Quirk. Despite this, I feel a burning need to share with you my wonderful experience in the city through the many photos and videos I took.

Have a look at my video above and have a scroll through my photo diary below...

On the 3rd of November, I flew to Nice with my dad to spend the weekend with my brother Mark. He's doing his Erasmus year in the University of Nice. My sister Emily joined us the next evening. After living there for three months, Mark was able to show us around his area with ease. His apartment was a walk away from the centre of the main town and the beach. 

We didn't just walk; we rented bikes twice, cycling along the Promenade des Anglais and to and from Musée Matisse. Cycling was so relaxing; zipping through the air, wind blowing my hair everywhere, the sun setting on the horizon - I was at my zenith.

For early winter, it was remarkably warm. I'm talking near 20 degrees each day - how heavenly! It was the last time I could leave a building without a coat, and sport some autumnal outfits. This outfit above was my favourite - my mustard Penney's top worked perfectly with my H&M dungarees. 

Nice is such a picturesque city; at every turn there were palm trees, chic shops and colourful buildings. The whole weekend I couldn't put my camera away and risk missing a photo opportunity. It was so French, and it had been a while since I visited France so I was loving every moment!

My favourite spot of the city was without doubt Place Masséna, the home of the most delicious smoothies, fun water fountains and weird glowing statues of men on tall poles (see picture above).

It'd be unforgivable of me not to mention the shopping I did. Lots of damage was done in Sephora, of course - two Sephora eyeshadows, an MUF mascara, a Sephora lip stain and a Sephora face mask came home with me. I have yet to try out most of those, but I've used the mascara plenty of times and it is amazing. As for clothes, I had a browse in the French shop 'Jennyfer' and purchased two t-shirts, which I love.

It rained on one of the days, but that didn't stop me. I made the most of the drizzle by making a fun Boomerang video!

I certainly miss Nice, especially Fenocchio's scrumptious ice cream. Since my trip, nothing much has happened other than study, school work and more study. The month of November mainly consisted of preparation for my Christmas exams - but here's some good news though; they're finally over!

Now it's a week to Christmas and there's lots I need to get done and that I want to do before the 25th of December. I hope you didn't mind seeing very belated photos from my holiday in Nice - they're almost too summery for December 18th!

Nonetheless, I'm delighted to have shared my trip with you all - looking at them makes me want to go back so badly. While it was such an enjoyable, memorable trip, it won't be long until I return to Nice for a day; in January, we'll be skiing in Auron for a week, stopping in Nice en route and on our return. Lots of exciting things happening in the next few weeks!

How are you all? Excited for Christmas?


  1. These photos look lovely, and it looks so nice there xx

    Sophie's Spot

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