21 December 2016

OUTFIT | Sweet December Song

How is it already Christmas on Sunday?! I feel like time always flies for me in December. It's such a busy month; exams, shopping, preparation for the 25th. Sometimes I forget to sit back and relax...

There are numerous things that are still lingering on my to-do list, especially now that I'm pretty much on my Christmas holidays. Presents to buy, videos to film, my room to clean (and hopefully re-do), homework to do, skiing gear to purchase and organise... wait, homework?! Is it not a crime to assign school work over the holidays?

On Sunday, I felt super snug in a wintry outfit I wore. Hats honestly make my head feel ten times warmer - ideal for those frostbitten days. It wasn't even that cold that afternoon, but fashion always come first. 


I mentioned these gorgeous navy boots on my Instagram a while ago. They've been my autumn/winter essential this year, a purchase well made.

My hair had grown so much since my last haircut in September. In these photos it's not short, but not long either. I've had "medium-length" hair... until now. Today, I went to the hairdresser's to chop it off again, even shorter this time! Keep a look out on Queen of Quirk pages for my new hair!

On Sunday, after visiting family and chilling, Dad and I went to see 'Rogue One' in the cinema. What a film! Not as fantastic as 'The Force Awakens' of course, but still very much worth seeing - Felicity Jones was unreal. 

We collected Mark from the airport that night too. We're all home now in time for Christmas. That warm fuzzy feeling I get at Christmas time has finally started growing!

"Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
May your every New Year dream come true..."

Lyrics above are from George Michael's Christmas song 'December Song (I Dreamed of Christmas)'. It's one of my favourites; while it is a nice song, I love it because it reminds me of my family. Cheesy, I know.

December has been a hectic month. Now that the first half of the school year has finished, I can now unwind a bit. Well, for now anyway...

How has your December been?


  1. I totaly agree with your statement fashion always comes first, by the way I love the outfit especially your coat .


  2. very cute outfit, looking very lovely in it.

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