OUTFIT | Christmas Day

As usual, this year's Christmas was a good one, well spent with my loved ones...

It's mad to think I've documented all of my Christmases since 2012. How much I've changed since then! My Christmas Day was just as wonderful as all those previous. Mum cooked a delicious dinner, I received lovely gifts and I had a laugh with my family. 


OUTFIT | Sweet December Song

How is it already Christmas on Sunday?! I feel like time always flies for me in December. It's such a busy month; exams, shopping, preparation for the 25th. Sometimes I forget to sit back and relax...

There are numerous things that are still lingering on my to-do list, especially now that I'm pretty much on my Christmas holidays. Presents to buy, videos to film, my room to clean (and hopefully re-do), homework to do, skiing gear to purchase and organise... wait, homework?! Is it not a crime to assign school work over the holidays?


TRAVEL | My Weekend Getaway to Nice, France

For a November weekend, I visited the beautiful city of Nice in France. After spending three days there exploring, shopping and cycling around, I must admit it was a pretty 'nice' weekend...

I couldn't resist making that pun!

This trip was way over a month ago, and that shows how behind I am with everything Queen of Quirk. Despite this, I feel a burning need to share with you my wonderful experience in the city through the many photos and videos I took.