03 November 2016

OUTFIT | As Happy as the Happy Pear

Recently, I went to the Happy Pear in Greystones with my sister. I love this café / restaurant: the food is so delicious but also super good for you, and the people are always, excuse the pun, happy. 

But it's true; if you're aware of the Happy Pear owners, the twins Dave and Steve, and you have their Instagram and Snapchat (@thehappypear), you'd know that those two guys are always positive and in good moods. 

While I'd like to say I'm happy and in a good mood 24/7, I'd be lying. I'm a teenager in 5th year who's taking eight subjects for the Leaving and one of those is Higher Level Maths. Without doubt, I'm sometimes down and very very stressed!

But, except from being stressed about school and homework and study, I'm very happy. Yeah, I'm not blogging and making YouTube videos as much as I would like since I'm so busy, but I have so many things to be happy about and to look forward to!

For instance, today I'm jetting off to Nice in France this weekend! My brother is doing an Erasmus year there, and I'm visiting with my dad and sister until Sunday. Cue lots of photo-taking, exploring and shopping!

Also, now that Halloween is past, we can now get pumped up for Christmas! It's my favourite time of year, but the first week of December are my end of term exams - that's a bit of a downer. In the next few weeks, I'll be working hard, but there's still some events happening in the world of Jane, concert-wise anyway. There's Bastille on the 10th and Melanie Martinez on the 28th - November will be a hectic month, balancing nights out with studying and revision.

I've been happy with so many aspects of my life; sport, friends, family, music, makeup, but especially fashion. The Autumn / Winter season is the best in the fashion blogging universe. I'm always delighted with the outfits I wear at the weekends. I hope to share a few of my favourite outfits with you all following my getaway to Nice.

But back to this outfit; I absolutely love the colours grey and army green together. With simple day makeup, my glasses, jeans and my patent shoes, the outfit was casual-smart - perfect for the nice lunch with my sister at the Happy Pear.



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