18 September 2016

OUTFIT | Goodbye Summer, and Long Hair

There are no holiday or festival snapchat stories bombarding my feed anymore, heatwave weeks are turning into cloudy days, and I'm buried in homework every night; I think summer 2016 is well and truly over!

And what a summer it was.

From walking the Camino to my holiday in Greece, from my French course to three weeks in Irish college, this summer was packed with non-stop travel and fun. But those sunny, happy days feel like a century ago now. I started fifth year this month, and my life has turned upside down.

I'm talking three English essays a week, constant class tests and work; my everyday schedule is polar opposite to mine from Transition Year. I haven't even had much time to Instagram, let alone blog and make YouTube videos! I know, it's a tragedy! 

In between all of the school madness, I've had casual outings with friends, a trip to the cinema (Café Society is a good film), and I went to a magazine launch! More belated info on the Magpie launch is to come in the next post.

So, basically, from the end of summer to now, I've been trying to balance my life out; I'm kind of getting there. I've almost caught up with blogging about super old news, and I'll be back on track soon with everything Queen of Quirk.

I got it cut back in late August to a long bob and I LOVE IT! I got some balayage done too, and my hair feels so bouncy. It's easy to wash, dry, style... There are so many pros to short hair, I could go on. I think I'll be keeping it around this length for a while


I wore this outfit one Saturday evening for a family friends dinner party. It's a great summer-to-autumn transitioning outfit with its layering and season-neutral colours. The top from Abercrombie is one I tend to forget about, and fall in love with again and again. I must say I am quite excited for cooler weather so I can whip out my scarves and hats. 🍂


  1. Your hair looks great this length! I'm also loving the cardi - I'm looking to fill my wardrobe with cosy knitwear like this in Autumn <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  2. I love your hair, it suits you so much! Sounds like you had an amazing summer xx

  3. Nice post! I know how you feel, fifth ear is so hectic! Can I go back to TY?


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