11 June 2016

OUTFIT | Sixteen Things

It's been a while, so because of that I thought it'd be appropriate to sum up all of my news in a list - specifically a list of 'sixteen things'. Let's go!

The reason I am doing a list of specifically sixteen things is because on the 3rd of May (over a month ago, wooowww), I turned sixteen. Hence, the reason I am posing in front of a 16 balloon. I had a wonderful birthday weekend! One night, I had a movie night with friends, the next night saw 'Zootopia' with other friends, and then the next night, my actual birthday, had dinner with the family. I got brilliant presents which I'm super happy about. I find it so bewildering that I'm sixteen now. It feels like yesterday I turned fifteen, amazed at how I was now the 'proper teenager', but sixteen is a whole other level. I am now legally allowed into standing at concerts without an adult now (I did before I was sixteen anyway, but that's beside the point), and I can get a part time job - what is happening?! 

I don't know if you would have noticed if I didn't tell you, but the outfit photos are back to front - look at my posters. I idiotically posed in front of my sixteen balloon for many timed pictures without realising the adorable cute pink balloons were the wrong way round. I didn't notice myself until I uploaded these photos to my computer. Since the balloon is the main focus of the outfit shoot, I had to mirror them! Those with a sharp eye might have noticed the backwards writing on my posters!

This outfit is from the night in I had with my friends. I dressed up quite a bit for just a movie and pizza, but it was my birthday (weekend) so I had to live a little, right? Here are the outfit details:


I haven't blogged in a while because I've been so busy for the past while. Don't listen to what people say, Transition Year is not a doss year! Well, unless you make it a doss year. I certainly didn't make mine a doss year, I was so busy all the time during school. Near the end of May, the end of the school year, we had 'interviews' which were our exams that would determine whether we 'passed' or 'failed' fourth year (I passed!), and as well as that a Transition Year Evening where we had to showcase what we did for the year. Preparing for those took up a lot of my time! And when school ended, I went on two trips, which I will get back to, so that's why I hadn't had the time to sit down and write until now.

Back to Transition Year - it's all over! The school year I had been waiting so badly for since my Junior Cert exams has come to an end. Just like that, it flew by, and what a year it was! As I've said, I made the most of it - I did so many incredible things and had such a blast. I travelled to Munich and Ethiopia, had a principle role in my school musical, did work experience, helped in my community, completed the Gaisce award and the Pope John Paul II award, took part in YSI, and that's not near half of what I did! I won an award for my contribution to YSI, as well as the whopper 'Transition Year of the Year' trophy and medal, and I was ab-so-lute-ly utt-er-ly so delighted and chuffed to win them! I will miss the freedom and fun for TY so much - it's back to reality in September when I enter fifth year. I can hear the teachers yapping away already; Leaving Cert, Leaving Cert, Leaving Cert...

Does anyone remember when I said I was going to do a (real) series on TY and everything I did? This might jog your memory. Well, that camping trip blog post is the only one I've ever labelled 'TY'. I technically have blogged about some things I did in TY throughout the year, like four other things; the musicalMunich, my work experience at Oriflame and Ethiopia, but they weren't even part of this promised series. My point is, I never did this TY series. I really want to share more with you all what I did for the year, so I might do a sum up post soon, or instead, in August, near when we're back to school, I might do a guide on TY. Let's see how things go for now!

I mentioned I went on two trips in number four. One of these was a short school retreat after our Transition Year night. The whole year went to Redemptorists Esker in Athenry, Galway. For two days, we played games and did activities in different groups, but also we had lots of free time to play football or basketball, and even pitch and putt golf. The free time was amazing; they were the two sunniest days ever and we all had a fun, relaxing time. Except I hated the midgies at night! One of the highlights of that trip was that at the end, each group made nice affirmations of each other. I felt so happy reading what my classmates wrote about me, they were such nice things! They probably didn't put much thought into my affirmations at all, but their compliments really brightened my day. Lots of them described me as 'quirky' or 'the Queen of Quirk', surprise, surprise!

The second trip I went on was with twenty six of my classmates and four teachers to Spain to do the Camino de Santiago. I am just back from it. We did the last 112km of the French Way in a week - I had never been so tired in my life! I am so delighted to have done the Camino; it doesn't feel like I had walked that much, but really I had! I think walking long distances is second nature to me now, especially since I carried a 6kg bag the whole way! But I won't go on, as I will be doing a blog post soon about the experience I had, and possibly a video. In the mean time, make sure to check out some of the photos on my Instagram.

Speaking of videos, I haven't been as consistent with my YouTube videos as I'd like recently - again, due to my busyness. But since it is now summer, I will hopefully be filming and editing lots and lots! I have loads in mind that I'd like to do, like a very belated spring lookbook - however, I might combine that with a(n Irish) summer lookbook... I shouldn't spoil so much, you must subscribe if you'd like to see my upcoming summer YouTube videos!

Holy cow, it's SUMMER! I love summer time, and boy, the next three months are going to be very busy for me! I have my Speech and Drama exam next week (Grade 10!), I'm doing a day French course in Dublin for two weeks; after that I'm off to Mykonos in Greece with my parents (my sister will be joining us at one point) and we also have a short visit to Athens near the end; after that, I'm going to Irish college in the Gaeltacht in Connemara for three weeks! And in between all of those, I have many summer-y things I'd like to do (I'll get to that in a moment).

You have no idea how excited I am to visit Mykonos and Athens! I have always wanted to visit Athens, or Greece in general, since I grew a love for Greek myths and legends in third and fourth class (our teacher used to read them to us). Also, I've always had a huge desire to go to Mykonos since Zoe Sugg, or Zoella, blogged about her time there back in 2013 (she also made this video last summer which greatened my desire by 1000). It just seems so beautiful and sunny there, and I can see the blog posts and YouTube videos already!

About those language course, the French one and Irish college, I must say I'm pretty nervous. I did do lots in TY, but I didn't keep up with my academics very well. I've kinda lost my ability to speak good Irish and okay French. While I'm nervous, I'm glad I'm doing them - I hope it'll help me out settling into fifth year!

I'm looking at my Bry and Orla Gartland posters in these pictures, and it's making me realise I hadn't told any of you about that! I went to Bry's concert back in April in the Academy, and Orla Gartland was supporting him. They were incredible live - I shouted 'Love you Orla' during her set, and she said 'I gave her a tenner to say that'! Myself and Evelyn and Lauren had no idea the show included a meet and greet at the end, so we all got to meet Bry! He was so lovely, and he complimented my jacket. Orla and Bry's wife Candice were working at the merch stand so I got to meet them too - I had a casual conversation with Orla which was amazing. I got Bry, Candice and Bry's band to sign my newly bought Bry poster, and Orla signed my new Orla poster. They're definitely up there as my favourite posters of my wall!

I've made a kind of bucket list for myself this summer, things to do other than all the planned courses and holidays. I'm not going to beat myself over it if I don't tick off everything, but I hope to do most of them if I have the time!

Come Dine With Me style dinner with friends
Be a tourist in Dublin
Go geocaching
Canoeing / kayaking
Watch a sunset
Watch a sunrise
Read books (lots of books)
Bake more
Master makeup

I might add more to the list as time goes on, we'll see how things go!

I now have my own Spotify account! I'm so excited - now I can share with you the music I've been loving through this account and make playlists on it for my blog. If you have Spotify, make sure to follow 'queenofquirk' to see what music I'm liking and my playlists! I'll talk more about Spotify and my music favourites in an upcoming video. ;)

Just a quick mention of a TV show favourite - SUITS! I love this show so much! I'm on season 2 and it is so addictive. It makes me want to be a lawyer (I don't really, but that's how good the show is)! It's about a law firm in New York called Pearson Hardman, and there's drama, but it's lighthearted. I think it's a show that everyone would like. The characters are super too - Harvey, Donna, Louis, Mike and Rachel are my faves <3. That's almost all of the main characters ;D.

And that's all sixteen things! I'll be blogging more now, so stay tuned!


  1. Loved this post Jane! Such a great way to share news, definitely going to try out that idea ASAP!
    Ailbhe x

    1. Thanks so much Ailbhe! Do, lists are so fun!!

  2. I am so sad that TY is over for me too! I completed the Gaisce Award also and I really enjoyed doing it except working in a charity shop.

    1. It went too quick! I worked with a really nice charity luckily; I liked each activity I did! x

  3. Your so lucky, you get to go to Greece. Oh please when you go there blog about it and take many pictures!! Also cute outfit btw.


    1. I definitely will! And thank you so much! xx

  4. Happy birthday for the start of May! x

    Amy | Perks of Being Amy

  5. loved reading this :) happy late birthday x

  6. Well this is way late but happy birthday, I hope it was a great one and you got everything you wanted. You've been up to so much! Lovely post x

    Sophie | http://ssophiespot.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. No worries, thanks so much!!! And thanks again!

  7. Happy birthday! I love your outfit - the top is so cute! X

  8. I loved reading this post! Happy belated birthday! :)

  9. Eek! I love the sherlock poster <3


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