30 June 2016

RECENT READS | Books That Made Me Think (+ My Summer Reading List)

I love reading. It's one of my favourite ways to escape from everything and get engrossed in captivating stories with memorable characters. However, I occasionally seem to lose my motivation to pick up a book and get stuck in. This happens quite often when I don't seem to have much time, or when I'm more into watching YouTube or Netflix, or simply when the book I'm reading just hasn't got me hooked.

25 June 2016

TRAVEL | Kicking off my Summer by Walking the Camino!

I walked the last 112km of the Camino de Santiago in six days at the beginning of June. Talk about a tiring but amazing start to the summer!

11 June 2016

OUTFIT | Sixteen Things

It's been a while, so because of that I thought it'd be appropriate to sum up all of my news in a list - specifically a list of 'sixteen things'. Let's go!