07 March 2016

STYLE STEAL | Panic! at the Disco

In January, Panic! at the Disco released their fifth studio album, Death of a Bachelor. I've been a big fan of Panic! since 2014, but I've also had a love for the different 'eras' of Panic!. Each of their albums have their own style. There's the circus era, hippy era, Gothic Victorian era, Vegas era and... modern era, I guess.

It has been a while since I did my last style steal and I really like doing them; creating outfits on Polyvore is so much fun. For this one, I looked at each of Panic! at the Disco's 'eras' and styled outfits inspired by the colours, music video's outfits and songs. There's a frequency of going out looks with dresses and heels, but there is an adorable everyday outfit there too. Each outfit is matched with a suitable lipstick. 

Let's go through each album, or 'era'...

If you would like to see where the items of clothing are from, then click here.

Brendon Urie's circus ringmaster look in 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies' is a classic and iconic Panic! at the Disco image. The outfit is simple to take a feminine twist on. This was slightly inspired by my friend Evelyn's genius costume last Halloween. Stay true to the roots with a red blazer, white shirt and bow tie, but switch it up with (faux) leather skinnies, red heels and a bright red lip and swap the top hat with a black panama or bowler hat. Baton and guy-liner optional.

PRETTY. ODD. (2008)
My least favourite album, but not my least favourite album cover! It's detailed and vintage, and the colours are beautiful. For this outfit I created, I got inspiration from the album artwork as well as the vibes from the song 'That Green Gentleman'. The florals and maroon colours of the artwork and the guitar strums from the song made me think of Woodstock and sixties hippies as well as today's bohemian fashion. I adore the floral docs, the mirrored sunglasses and tan hat as accessories for the maroon skirt and cream top. Styled with a pale pink lipstick, you'd be off to a festival looking pretty odd.

This is possibly my favourite era of Panic! - it was very unique. I think the theme of the album's image was quite Gothic Victorian, with dark colours and lace, but there's also some 50's and Georgian styles in there; the style is hard to explain - have a watch of Vices & Virtues photoshoot to get what I mean. I think the song and music video of 'The Ballad of Mona Lisa' sums up the album and era pretty well too! With inspiration from the album cover, music videos and songs, I gathered a Vice & Virtues outfit. I love this black gothic lace dress paired with these funky tights - any quirky tights design would work well. With lace up boots, a gold locket and a deep plum lip, you'd be ready to kill tonight! (These puns though). 

Most of Panic! at the Disco's past and present members are from Las Vegas, Nevada. This album has that theme of Vegas, as well dark romance and love. So, as there's a common theme of Las Vegas, I decided to go for a glitzy glam look that one would wear on a night out in 'Sin City' - I'd recommend listening to 'Vegas Lights' to get the feels. I love love love this turquoise / green / blue / purple sparkly body con, especially styled with nude heels, a simple black clutch bag and a bright purple lip. This outfit was slightly inspired by Brendon's snazzy suit jacket from the music video of 'Miss Jackson'.

Death of a Bachelor is inspired by the nature of L.A. (check out 'L.A. Devotee') and Brendon's lifestyle when living there. Los Angeles is a city of celebrity culture, Hollywood, modernity and class, so of course I had to create a classy outfit that nodded to today's celebrity fashion. I adore this jumpsuit with this white blazer. The gold clutch, gladiator heels and mauve lip shade are perfect accessories. The album is this mix "between Sinatra and Queen" - the music still has its own Panic! feel, but it's smooth, jazzy and fresh - 'Death of a Bachelor' is the song I think works best with the look I made.

Do you like Panic! at the Disco? 
What do you think of the latest album? 
Do you like these style steals? 
Which is your favourite outfit? What's your favourite Panic! song? 
Do you want Brendon to do a world tour? Because I do.


  1. Oh my gosh! I LOVE this. Panic! is one of my favourite bands. I cannot believe you came up with outfits to represent each album. That is genius! Okay.... I might be gushing about this post but honestly I love it so much. Pretty. Odd. is my favourite album (minus the cover, ha!) and I adore the look you created for it!

  2. This is such a freaking amazing idea! I don't listen to P!ATD (I just can't get into it for some reason), but these outfits are so cool and I reall love the first one. I find the entire blazer/slightly masculine look so cool! I might do one of these posts one day (it's honestly so unique and I love the idea), but I'll make sure to link yours!



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