29 February 2016

BEAUTY | I Won a Giveaway! (Elf Make Up, Brushes, Body Lotions + more)

Recently, I was lucky enough to win Aliciaslifexo's giveaway. It was the first giveaway I had ever won, and I was so thrilled because all of the beauty products looked amazing - I was so excited to get a hold of them!

 Alicia is an Irish teen YouTuber I've been keeping up with for quite a while, and we've become online friends. I entered this giveaway, and didn't think I'd win it for a second. But, Alicia announced in this video that my comment was chosen from a random number generator. Delighted, I sent her my address as a DM on Twitter and soon I received the goodies. I'm only getting around to writing about the wonderful prizes now!

I received some Elf Cosmetics products; two eyeshadow quads and a lipstick, and another two of the same quads and another of the same lipstick (which I'm keeping for a friend). I got an Elf make up setting mist too. I had never tried anything from Elf makeup before - I was buzzing. I used the Elf spray in my make up look for my school musical (read about that here) and I love it, it's really refreshing and I think it helps with setting my makeup.

I also received a Victoria's Secret Love Spell body mist, which I decided to be my signature scent during my school musical week - the gorgeous mist now reminds me of the dressing room mayhem as I spritzed it on so much. I also got two body lotions - the Katy Perry Killer Queen lotion and the Lacoste Touch of Pink lotion. They both smell delicious, the Killer Queen one in particular!

Lastly, I got an adorable blue purse and makeup brushes. Alicia mentioned in her giveaway video that she sold these brushes for her mini company in school, and let me tell you - they are the softest brushes ever! I especially love the eye brushes.

A huuuggggee thank you to Alicia for the fantastic prize; I'm so happy with every product! I'd recommend everyone to check out her channel Aliciaslifexo as she makes brilliant beauty and fashion videos and blogs. 

Happy Leap Day!

Have you ever won a giveaway?


  1. Nice post. That's so cool winning a giveaway.

  2. Love this! No problem at all Jane, was only small but glad you liked the prize!x

    1. Thank you so much Alicia! x It wasn't small at all, I love it!


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