10 YouTubers You Should be Subscribed To

YouTube has become such a big part of my life. I don't only make videos and upload them on to the website, but I also religiously watch other people's videos about their lives, make up or opinions. YouTube is by far my best-loved social media website.

YouTubers are like celebrities now. If one has over, at least, 3 million subscribers, almost everyone is bound to have heard of them. But there are loads and loads and loads of other YouTube talent out there other than Zoella and Bethany Mota. If you would like to find some new YouTubers to subscribe to, you've come to the right place.

Below are lists and descriptions of some of my favourite YouTubers that I'd say not too many people have heard of. Some have bigger sub numbers or could be more well known than others. Despite that, they each make incredibly well filmed and edited content, are genuine and are unique in their niche. Enjoy!

Michelle is so real. Her videos are professional, sleek, but real. She makes the traditional beauty guru videos, but in her own amazing way. They're always so enjoyable, positive and helpful. I'm a big fan of her feel-good, motivating videos, like "8 Ways to have a Better Day" and "How to be a Morning Person in 2016". 

Charlotte Ryan
You gotta love an Irish YouTuber! Charlotte is a recent find, and her videos are just so beautiful and creatively edited, especially her "My Best Friend's Birthday" and "What it Means to be Irish" videos. She is entertaining to listen to, and she uploads regular favourites videos and hauls. She has a fab range of videos to suit your every mood.

Yasmine, a fan of bands, superheroes and art, makes a variety of incredible content, like deep videos ("Why do we exist?"), cool arty videos ("Some stuff you should probably know about me- but don't."), and random but engaging vlogs. She is so unique, honest, and, at the same time, hilarious. Definitely subscribe to her if you're looking for someone different.

Queen! Evelina Barry is the ultimate fashion and lifestyle YouTuber to subscribe to. She has riveting "Fashion Café" videos, where she gives out her best style advice, as well as fantastic lookbooks and fashion films. My favourite videos by her include "How To Always Look Put Together" and "How to Dress Like a Bada**" - but all of her YouTube videos make me so happy! She's definitely one of the biggest YouTubers in this list with over one million subscribers, but despite her big audience, I don't think she's that well heard of. Evelina's a real gem.

Jessie Paege
You really can't have any more colour, fandoms, band merch, or dramatic posing in a video than any of Jessie's - it's fantastic! I don't think I've seen any DIY and Life Hack YouTuber more unique than Jessie Paege here, and she's so like me - she loves the bands and TV shows that I love. She has this way of editing her videos, kind of like in an unordered but intriguing way, which makes them her own. Subscribe if you're in need of some craft ideas, humour and a new Tumblr muse (I can't help but look through her Instagram and go all heart eyed).

I'm sure most have read her blog and scrolled her Instagram, but have you seen her YouTube videos? This blue-haired beauty is living the life I want to live; YouTubing and blogging for a living, travelling, going to festivals and meeting bands and all while looking utterly cool the entire time. On her channel, Zoe uploads quality tutorials, hauls, lookbooks and more, but every video has the same Zoe London vibe as the next. My favourite videos of hers include "Spring in Los Angeles", "Get Ready With Me - A Beach Holiday" and one of her recent videos "Meet Me in Twenty Sixteen".

Chloe Morton's videos are currently my obsession! She is a stunning make up artist at only 18. Her channel makes me love make up even more. I love watching her Get Ready With Me's, hauls, her routine videos and her vlogs, which she recently began making. I love her accent, and she's so natural and real in front of the camera. She has such a lovely personality, and if you're in need of a new make up YouTuber, glitteralittle is my recommendation.

I have been watching Siena's videos for aaaagggeesss, but in the past year, her videos have been top notch. She's a sassy, funny, gorgeous girl with a pure skill of being flawless at everything, especially making quality content. Her videos have a chill, Californian vibe, and I love her monthly favourites, Get Ready With Me's and Q+A's. With over one million subs, she's pretty big like Evelina as well, but not for no reason. Siena's best? Her "5 Healthy Habits for a Better You" is inspiring for the new year.

Want something to wake up to every weekday morning before school or work? Then subscribe to Cereal Time! YouTubers charlieissocoollike and jimmy0010 host this morning chat show. There are collaborations, games, discussions, quizzes and pure bants from Monday to Friday at 7 am GMT. Watching a video, while eating your breakfast of course, is a fun way to start the morning, especially if you're already a fan of Charlie and/or Jimmy. My favourites include "7 Hilarious Art History Memes" and "5 Best TV Fan Theories". 

You'll never hear a smoother or calmer voice than Katy's, honestly. Katy, a lifestyle/beauty YouTuber, makes heart-felt chatty videos, boho lookbooks and more, all edited and filmed to the highest standard. If you're a fan of indie and bohemian style, you'll envy her wardrobe. She is such a lovely person to listen to, and she is compassionate and authentic. My favourite videos of hers include "What to Wear This Fall", her Get Ready With Me's and her hysterical Q&A's with her guy friends. 

Who are your favourite YouTubers?
If you could pick one YouTuber to watch, who would it be?

I couldn't possibly decide! The list above is a tiny snippet of my subscription list.


  1. Brilliant post as always Jane <3 !

  2. Loved this post, I don't think I could pick a favourite but I am really loving watching the Michalaks. I've also just started my own channel if you fancy a little look?

    Coleoftheball xx

    1. Thank you Nicole! I checked it out and subscribed, I love your channel!

  3. Oh awesome! I will have to check out some of these as I have never heard of them before now. There are so many amazing people on YouTube!

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