24 January 2016

My 5 Blogging Tips + My Blogging Essentials

I've been blogging for about four years now; I have learnt a thing or two. I thought I'd share with you my best advice on running a blog and what my blogger necessities are. Let's get to it...

F I V E   B L O G G I N G   T I P S 

1. Blog because you want to!
Be a blogger if you really are interested in the idea of writing about things you love, whether it's fashion, beauty, your life, anything! Freebies and fame shouldn't really be the reason. More followers will come eventually. For now, make sure you really have a passion for blogging, and that it doesn't feel like a chore, but a hobby.

2. Blog your own way; don't compare yourself to other bloggers.
There's a little important message in the photo above. It says 'blog like no one is reading'. Of course, I don't mean this literally, as all blogs do need some sort of audience. However, taken from the well known quote 'dance like nobody is watching', this message is meant to mean that you should blog your own way. Realistically, there aren't any rules. Blog the way you want to.

You'll only put yourself down if you compare your blog to bigger, more successful ones. It takes time to grow a following and to be fully happy with your blog. When in the early stages of blogging, experiment and find out what you enjoy to write about the most. If you dertermindely stick to blogging and work hard, you will get to where you want to be soon enough.

3. Try and have at least one photo with every post.
Humans like visuals. And, sometimes, blog readers just skip the writing and look at the photos.  No matter what your blog post is about, try and include some kind of image so the post attracts the eye. You don't need a fancy camera - you can learn how to take perfect photos on any device by researching. And if you are using a photo that's not yours, make sure to source it.

4. Promote your posts on social media
Social media is a blogger's best friend. Having accounts for promoting your latest blog posts can really help you get a readership. A Twitter account, Instagram account and Facebook page are, I think, the core three. Snapchat and Pinterest can be useful too, but try not to have too many accounts so you can concentrate on just a few (that can be hard if you're a social media head like me!). Use hashtags like #bbloggers, #tbloggers, #fbloggers etc. to get your work out there to others in your niche. Post regularly to build a following on your social media and blog.

5. Join the blogging community and make friends.
There are millions of bloggers out there - why not make a few friends? I am so glad to say I have befriended some Irish teen bloggers and have actually been so lucky to meet up with them. The nicest of friendships can grow from just one simple comment on a blog. Having blogger friends makes your hobby a whole lot more fun!

To get to know bloggers in your niche, join in on Twitter chats. Find out when certain ones are on and get your fingers ready for some quick tweeting! If you participate well, you'll find yourself chatting to some lovely bloggers in no time.

M Y   E S S E N T I A L S 

My MacBook Air
I am in love with my laptop; I mainly use it for blogging. The main pages on my Safari home page are Blogger, the website I run Queen of Quirk on, and Bloglovin', the website you can use to keep up with my blog and that I use for following my favourites. There's also Gmail and magazine websites like Rookie and Teen Vogue. I use the Notes and Reminders apps to be organised and keep a list of things to blog about in case I run out of ideas. These apps are connected to my iPhone by iCloud, so I can edit on the go. I also import my photos from my SD card onto the Photos app regularly.

My Camera
I have the Canon Powershot SX40 HS camera. I received it for Christmas in 2012 and I still use it all the time. I must say, it has made me enjoy blogging a lot more as the photos are always a quality I'm happy with. The camera is in the hands of my mum, sister, dad or a friend of mine for an outfit photoshoot, but for other pictures it's moi behind the lens. I use a 16GB SD card so I have tons of space to take lots of photos when I'm away, or film lengthy YouTube videos. If I can't use my camera, I use the camera app on my iPhone which also takes reasonably good photos (if I have the right lighting).

My iPhone + my Social Media Apps
I have the iPhone 6, and I have to admit that I use it 24/7; it's essential to me as a blogger! I have to Instagram photos, tweet, upload to my Snapchat story and post to my Facebook page again and again to promote my blog. I'm also obsessed with the Bloglovin' app, Tumblr and watching YouTube videos. I've always had a positive experience with social media - I love it! I'm also organised with my iPhone as I use Notes, Reminders and Gmail, and I keep track of followers using the Crowdfire app. I edit photos using VSCO, Layout and the Instagram app itself. My iPhone and social media is everything for the blogger in me!

A Notebook / Diary
Right now, I'm trying to get into the habit of using a diary and a notebook for planning upcoming posts and jotting down ideas. It's hard though in this age of technology as sometimes I just want to type my ideas into Notes. In my diary, I write down the names of posts I want to write and upload on certain days. I find it hard to stick to it though, as sometimes I have to prioritise other things before the blog. For example, I was planning to put up this post on Thursday!

I wish I could say that I don't look for new ideas for Queen of Quirk in blogs and other kinds of media, and that I am 100% creative and unique, but I can't because it ain't true. I look to the internet, magazines and anything I see in everyday life for inspiration. For Christmas, I received the gorgeous and adorable book '365 Blog Topic Ideas' by Dana Fox of Wonder Forest, and by flicking through it, I am easily inspired.

Those were my tips and essentials for blogging! I hope you enjoyed reading, and that this post was in any way helpful.

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  1. great tips hun! i swear we are twinsies! lol
    you wrote exactly what blogging is all about! enjoyment and passion!
    Abbigayle Warner

  2. I love your post, I can't believe you have been blogging for 4 years and on the same blog! I have nearly been blogging for 2 years. Looking forward to your next post

    1. Thank you Ró! It's been four years, so there's been changes of bog names and deletion of old posts, but yeah pretty much the same blog! x

  3. These are wonderful tips. Especially blogging because you want to. I know some people who started a blog with some other reason in mind (to become "famous" or interview a celebrity) and they didn't stick with it. You have to have that love in order to keep going.

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