23 December 2015

TRAVEL | Munich and Nuremberg at Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

I went to Germany on a history trip with my school for the weekend on Saturday the 12th. Munich and Nuremberg have got Christmas so right that I had to take photos every ten seconds. The beautiful decorations, twinkling lights and adorable stalls in the markets made the cities extremely photogenic.

I learnt a lot of history this trip; about Hitler, the Nazis and World War Two, which was amazing, but I enjoyed our free time the most. We were allowed roam around the different markets we visited, and a few times in Marienplatz in Munich. Nuremberg and Munich are the dream Christmas cities (other than Manhattan) with crepes and tiny fir trees for sale everywhere, and there's an ice rink in Marienplatz. Yes an ice rink! I could have gone ice skating in Marienplatz in Germany! However, when we arrived at the rink, there was only a half an hour left in the slot until it closed for the night, and it was quite expensive. 

Overall the trip was one of the highlights of the year for sure. I loved how much freedom we had; I had about three random realisations that I was in Germany without my family, but not only that, was not being supervised constantly by teachers when in the markets. It was overwhelmingly great. 

I came home with a MAC lipstick, a snow globe, a concealer, a Christmas decoration and a brain filled with fun memories. I would recommend you to visit Munich or Nuremberg at Christmas time in the future - it is magical.

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