26 December 2015

OUTFIT | I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday ❄

This year, I had a wonderful Christmas. I loved spending the time with my family, receiving and giving gifts, and eating good food. I always enjoy Christmas; it's one of my favourite days of the year. In a way, I do wish it could be Christmas everyday, however, the special day would lose it's magic.


But then I always forget that Christmas isn't just a day. It's twelve days of festivities, no school, peace, love and relaxation (well for me since I'm in fourth year, thank God). When I do remember that, I love Christmas.

I received amazing gifts from Santa ( ;D ), and my family, which I am so grateful for. Some of these gifts were clothes, like this gorgeous pashmina from Topshop and swanky suede skirt from Oasis. Yes, the scarf I'm wearing is called a pashmina. I know -
it's weird. 

I loved how my Christmas Day outfit worked out - there's a mustard line in the patterned pashmina (I really like saying pashmina now; pashmina, pashmina...) that matches my mustard polo neck. The pashmina is so lusciously soft and big, and it fits on almost like a cardigan or cape blanket. It is so nice I had to wear it for the day, even though I was to be inside in the warm house for the whole day. Fashion overrules logic sometimes, everyone 

How was your Christmas Day?
I hope it was fantastic, filled with good memories and mountains of food. 

Photos from December 25th 2015
a wine stopper won from a Christmas cracker | trad roast dinner - delicious | the Christmas-pudding-and-whiskey-fire trick at its finest | a beautiful Christmas decoration on our tree I never noticed before | sneak peek of what I got for Christmas (haul on my YouTube channel soon) | a board game we received, played and loved on Christmas night


  1. Looks like you had a lovely day sweet, I totally love your skirt. I've just put up my what I got for Christmas haul if you fancy a nosey.
    Coleoftheball xx

    1. I'll definitely have a look, thanks so much Nicole!

  2. I love this festive outfit - looks so cosy and the orange colour is perfect <3

    Gisforgingers xx


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