28 December 2015

BEST OF 2015 | The Outfits

2015 was a brilliant year for me fashion-wise. I wore outfits that I feel reflected my personality, and it's all stuff I wanted to wear. I think I'm finally beginning to look like a fashion blogger; I'm in the midst of finding my niche.

As the year is drawing to a close, I thought I'd do a quick mini series in these last few days called 'Best of 2015'. I'm starting off with the outfits this year that I loved. It is the majoriy of the outfits I have shared onto Queen of Quirk, but not all of them; I've narrowed it down to the top eleven. Let's start near the beginning of the year in March...

(click on the photos to see the full outfit posts)

Welcoming Spring with a Pop of Green and Naked Teeth
This was my first outfit post that featured my 'naked teeth'; this year I got the braces on my top teeth removed. I was so amazed by my new smile that I had to dedicate the title to it.
The statement of this outfit is definitely my green Only jeans, which I bought for only €2.50 a few months before. My Penney's pastel pink bag worked well with the colour, and the neutral greys on top were complementing.

I Believe in Pink
This year was the year of the cat ear headband for me. I bought these daisy cat ears, that looked more like bear ears or something of that nature, in Claire's, and I was daring enough to wear them in public. On Easter Sunday, I was feeling pink. Not only that, I believed in pink; so I wore lots of pink that day. I borrowed my sister's Superdry coat that fitted perfectly with my Aeropostale jumper with its hints of pink.

We're All Living the Good Life, Whether it's Hail, Rain or it's Sunshine
The Junior Cert was over, I got an amazing spray tan a few days before, I just filmed my first YouTube video, and I was about to attend The Script's concert in Croke Park; life was good.
I loved wearing this American Eagle shirt with the Bershka crop top, as it made my tan look even better than it was. It was my ideal concert attire.

Urban Boho at Navy Pier, Chicago
I was in the US on holidays with my family, and I took advantage of the brilliant sites in Chicago for some outfit photos. I saw this amazing dress in American Eagle and I bought it straight away as well as these super cute sunglasses. It was my perfect summer dress, and I wore it lots throughout the warm months. This photoshoot is one of my favourites, as it was a gorgeous day at Navy Pier. The only downside was that I hadn't yet purchased sandals, and wore my converse with this dress. It didn't fit Boho, so I decided to name the style Urban Boho.

We Never Go Out Of Style
My family moved away from the typical tourist activities while in Chicago, as we had visited the city before; we did a food tour in a neighbourhood called Bucktown. As there was to be lots of walking, it was a great opportunity to wear my new Nike runners. Despite the clashing colours, my bright pink shorts seemed to fit with the bright shoes. The flowers on my American Eagle top matched the pink. I felt too cool for school with this look, especially with my hairstyle

Black and White Gypsy
 These gypsy pants are a summer dream. When I realised they'd look fabulously boho with my miss Selfridge off the shoulder crop top, I had the look planned in my head for weeks. In Connemara, with its uniquely beautiful grey weather, I wore this outfit full of festival vibes out for dinner. The gypsy pants are incredibly comfortable; I wore them for studying earlier in the year, honestly!

Scottish Plaid
I found this gem of a coat in Forever 21; it's so cool and mysterious looking, and quirky of course! It is definitely the highlight of this look. My New Look scarf was so suiting for my quick trip to Scotland to University of St. Andrew's with my dad and sister; it's like a kilt! I thought this outfit was the perfect welcoming for autumn fashion.

Monochrome Rocker
I got to show my inner music lover in this outfit. I'm wearing my beloved PVRIS top from Hot Topic, and it's all monochrome from there, like my 'Black and White Gyspy' look from the summer (apart from the denim short)s. Looking at this outfit makes me want to wear it again! It's so simple and effortless, yet I looked pulled together and Tumblr-cool.

In Dublin's Fair City
And here are some more cat ears! These pretty silver ones are from New Look, and worked sweetly with my plaits. I'm wearing my sacred sleeveless blazer from Miss Selfridge here too, with my Brandy Melville bag for my adventure in Dublin with my friends. I loved being complimented by one of Lush's staff about my cat ears that day.

The Winter Coat
This winter coat from T.K. Maxx is precious to me, and is one of the best buys of 2015 for me by a long shot. It's comfortable, not too heavy, warm, but not too warm. I wore this coat on this chilly day with my new mustard Penney's top and my Fat Face woolly hat. I was ready for winter with this outfit!

I Wish It Could be Christmas Everyday
Only a few days ago I wore one of my favourite outfits of the year! It features my mustard top from Penney's again, my new pashmina and skirt that I got for Christmas, and my fantastic creepers. I can't wait to wear the skirt and pashmina lots and lots in 2016.

Which of these outfits are your favourites?

Bring on 2016!


  1. I love all these outfits, especially I believe in pink and the ears you are totally rocking xx

    Sophie | ssophiespot.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I love the outfits! I am really a fan of the outfits you wore in Chicago. I like your skirt that has the buttons in front, I have a similar one that I just adore. Happy Holidays!


    1. Happy Holidays to you too! Thank you so much Christina! x


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