31 December 2015

BEST OF 2015 | Films + TV Shows

I've grown an even bigger love and appreciation for screenplay this year, So, I thought I'd share with you all my top films and TV shows of 2015.

Lots of big box office and Oscar films have appeared in this year's top 5...

30 December 2015

BEST OF 2015 | New Music Finds

Music was big this year for me. I have such a diverse taste that allows me to be open to so many genres and styles; I discovered lots of talent in 2015. Some of these artists have been around for years, others months.

28 December 2015

BEST OF 2015 | The Outfits

2015 was a brilliant year for me fashion-wise. I wore outfits that I feel reflected my personality, and it's all stuff I wanted to wear. I think I'm finally beginning to look like a fashion blogger; I'm in the midst of finding my niche.

27 December 2015

CHRISTMAS ❄ | Gifts I Received

As this year I started a YouTube channel, I just had to film the popular 'What I Got For Christmas' video. I really wanted to show you all what I got! I love watching Christmas hauls, and I hope you like this one.

26 December 2015

OUTFIT | I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday ❄

25 December 2015

Merry Christmas from Queen of Quirk ❄

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! 
Enjoy the festivities and fun today. Eat lots and laugh lots!

23 December 2015

TRAVEL | Munich and Nuremberg at Christmas

21 December 2015

CHRISTMAS ❄ | Face of the Day - Festive Party Make Up

Here is my go to Christmas party look! There's red lips, gold neutral smokey eyes and a dewy complexion. I'll definitely be wearing this make up on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve.

12 December 2015

CHRISTMAS ❄ | Gift Guides for Fashion Followers, Music Lovers, Beauty Bloggers + Fangirls

It's a blogpost or YouTube video you must see everywhere but I've done a gift guide! Actually, I did four gift guides for four different kinds of people you might know. Whether it's a sibling, parent, friend or cousin, these four gift idea sets will hopefully give you some inspiration for presents to give if you need it. Enjoy!

06 December 2015

OUTFIT | Grey Blazer + Red Nails for 'Coppélia'

I won an Instagram competition two weeks ago, and I got two tickets to see the ballet 'Coppélia' in the Civic Theatre on the 3rd of December. I think it's the first ballet I've ever seen, and it was spectacular!

02 December 2015

CHRISTMAS ❄ | 25 Things to do before Christmas Day

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, every where you go... 

Finally it's December, and it's socially acceptable to turn up "All I Want for Christmas Is You" in the car and haul down the boxes of decorations from the attic. I went to my local shopping centre at the weekend and took some photographs of the flying snowmen and presents, as you do. There sparked an idea; I should write a Christmas to-do list for the blog! No, taking photos of snowmen and presents isn't one of the 25 things, but you can add it to the list if you like.

So, here I have for you the ultimate check list to fully complete by 11:59pm on Christmas Eve. Okay fine, get at least ten ticked off. No excuses!