25 November 2015

OUTFIT | The Winter Coat

I found a gem in T.K. Maxx; a parka winter coat with a fur hood. I got it just in time for Ireland's frosty winter...


I just can't go to T.K. Maxx and expect to find something if I don't have anything in mind. I always wanted one of those parkas that were in trend last winter - almost everyone had the army green one. However, since I call myself the Queen of Quirk I had to get a parka that was 'different'; basically a black one rather than the popular green one. I ventured with mum to find my new winter coat ('a black one so I can wear it with anything') and after many tries we found the perfect parka for only €40. The line it was from was called 'BeHip, by MeJane'. I don't know about you, but I think MeJane is pretty Hip.

It's super cosy and warm, and it's been very handy as Ireland has started to freeze up these past few weeks. The fur on the hood isn't the nicest, but it'll do; I won't be putting it up that often as I'm a hat wearer (more specifically a comfy, grey Fat Face hat wearer).

I'm pretty hypocritical in saying that I'm the Queen of Quirk wanting to wear something 'different' as at the weekend I bought a mustard coloured top from Penney's - a recently on trend piece in every blogger's wardrobe. I couldn't resist! It's such a lovely colour. I wore it with this almost all black look on Sunday; the mustard shade really brightened it up. Now all I need is a denim button up skirt and a bomber jacket!

Mum kindly took these amazing photos of the outfit. We went to the harbour and found this cool brick wall and honestly, I think this is one of my favourite outfit shoots ever.

What's your winter coat?

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  1. You look absolutely stunning, Jane! Love that coat! Congrats on 300 followers! xo


  2. I love this look and you are gorgeous in these pictures!! <3

    Gisforgingers xx


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