07 November 2015

OUTFIT | In Dublin's Fair City

My first day of November was spent wandering around the streets of Dublin and browsing artsy fashion shops with some friends. And it was reasonably warm. On the first day of winter.


You know you're a fashion blogger if you plan an outfit for a certain place weeks before even planning going there. Seriously, I had the idea of going to Dublin for ages before actually making a plan with the crew the day we were going! Let me repeat, the day we were going. Talk about organisation.

It's such a novelty to go to town; it's an easy distance from the city for me to get there by public transport, but it's not a regular venture. The last time I went shopping with my friends there was the start of the summer! I always feel really grown up and cool, no matter how dorky that sounds (throwback to the old blog name), going into town with my friends to hang out and walk around. I wish I could do it more often, but fourth year's so busy!

We took the Luas to Grafton Street and headed straight for the holy grail clothes shops that I never buy anything in; Topshop and American Apparel. That's a semi lie; I've bought things in Topshop before (with Mum), but never American Apparel. They're pretty good window-shopping-but-instead inside-the-shop shops.

The luxurious room of sweet scents which we call Lush on Grafton Street was one of our stops. I went in with nothing in mind, and came out with a deodorant bar and a top up of my favourite toner. A worker complimented my cat ears. She had purple eyelashes from wearing purple mascara, and that's quirky.

We then walked to Temple Bar, but as we were starving we stopped at Hippetys on cobble stoned Fownes Street after Evelyn and Lauren recommended it. A review of it may appear here on Queen of Quirk soon!

We looked around the unique trinket and vintage shop that is Lucy's Lounge and quickly in the fresh alternative-ness of Tola Vintage, where I wish I bought stuff but didn't find anything. Maybe it's because I'm not looking for anything? That's the best way to be.

You also know you're a fashion blogger if you ask your friends to take photos of *planed* your *planned* outfit on the street. Thanks Evelyn for taking them, and everyone else for waiting! They suggested I stand by the colourful graffiti wall, and the pictures turned out to be fabulous. Again, you're a blogger if you pose with a pretty Lush bag.

We travelled home soon after a nice day in Dublin's fair city to get home and get prepared to tackle unfortunately another few weeks of school. This past week was actually incredible though, as I got to go to the opening night of the VUE Exhibition where my writing was displayed next to Conrad Frankel's painting of the 'Sugan Chair'. It was a short story inspired by the beautiful painting, and it was overwhelming hearing such lovely compliments from people I didn't know at the opening night. One woman said I made her cry.

Speaking of crying, have you seen the new John Lewis advert? I think it might be my favourite one ever. I have a weakness for old people, and even after watching it four times a little tear still fell down my cheek. Christmas is coming!!!


  1. Lovely post, Jane! I absolutely adore your glasses! You look super cute! xo


  2. Planning out an outfit way in advance is always kind of fun, I think! It adds to the anticipation! Love this outfit and these photos. Such a great backdrop!

  3. I love the way your jumper and waistcoat tie together perfectly! <3

    Gisforgingers xx


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