09 November 2015

MAKE UP | Alien / Space Girl Face of the Day

I went 'out of this world' with my look for Halloween night this year - glitter, space buns, ZAP bag and 'scaly' skin galore! 

I thought I'd show you how I did my make up and hair in a YouTube video, and that can be watched below. The list of products I used is in the description of the video.

I thought I'd try out an alien or space girl look since I'm now officially in love with Doctor Who, and also since I won a Skinny Dip London bag that fitted a space girl vibe in a giveaway! Yes, that ZAP gun thing is the bag - cool, right? My make up and hair were the centre of the Halloween look, as I just wore a crop top and jeans unlike what an alien would wear, I'd say. However, my galaxy vans and ZAP bag were perfect accessories.

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