03 October 2015

OUTFIT | Scottish Plaid


Jacket - Forever 21
Jumper - Forever 21
Scarf - New Look
Jeans - Hollister
Shoes - Vans

The University of St. Andrew's open day was on Wednesday; my sister has an interest in attending the university following her Leaving Cert. When herself and Dad were planning to go, they asked if I would like to go too. I of course said yes - mainly because it was a chance for me to escape from school, take photos for this little website and dress up all autumn-y. Logic!

We flew on Tuesday night to Edinburgh, rented a car, and drove to our guest house to sleep. Except no one was there to give us our key for our room; we ended up popping across the street to another bed and breakfast! It was a lovely alternative luckily, with a nice cosy room for the three of us and a yummy breakfast the next morning.

It was an early start, and we were at the university by half nine. Constantly busy, we went on a few tours around the beautiful grounds, science facilities (Emily's interested in studying science so it was necessary), and the accommodations. They have a weird tradition with cloaks or gowns or whatever the red things the students were wearing were; you wore them at different places on your upper arm depending on what year were you in or what you were studying. For example, a second year Arts student would wear their gowns slightly off their right shoulder.

I absolutely L.O.V.E.D. my outfit that day; it was so suitable with my new-ish Scottish-y plaid scarf from New Look. My Forever 21 jacket, which I also wore about three weeks ago or so, is honestly my baby for the autumn season. Long coats, jackets and shirts really are my thing; they're just so flowy and cool and I feel like Sherlock Holmes or someone as important. 

I was very efficient in packing for this trip; I only brought one jumper, no other tops with me! At the airport the day before this I wore a different scarf with the grey cosy sweater and it looked like a completely different outfit! Scarves are the way to go guys. 

I plaited my hair the night before and slept with it in, and the results included my hair looking wavy or even crimped, and slightly frizzy or 'big'. I really liked it! Some people would die for straight hair, but I feel like my straight hair isn't very exciting; jazzing it up like this always makes me super happy. I also did a little twist to my usual ponytail by adding a plait. 

We returned home that evening, and I realised that I was in Scotland for only twenty four hours! It was such a nice break from everyday routine. Thanks Dad and Emily for letting me come!

Happy October! Halloween isn't my favourite time of year (Christmas Christmas Christmas), but I still adore the vibes, songs, weather and dressing up. The leaves are turning a stunning brown on a tree by my house, and I hope loads of leaves fall soon so that I can walk or run through them all. Ain't nothing like that in autumn!


  1. These photos are so pretty and I love your shoes!

  2. That looked like so much fun! I also adore your scarf!


  3. I love this jacket! The checked pattern looks really grown up and suits you <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  4. That coat is so so fab! Lovely post xx


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