16 October 2015

OUTFIT | Monochrome Rocker

This location was such an awkward place to take outfit photos, with cars passing and cars coming down the hill behind... Nonetheless the pictures turned out pretty good!

Shirt - Forever 21
Top - Hot Topic
Shorts - H&M
Tights - M&S
Shoes - Converse

I love how this outfit worked together. The long shirt is my favourite piece, as it completes the look effortlessly. I really like wearing long jackets or shirts; it has been a common feature of my style for the past while, so the shirt here makes this rocker chic outfit appear more 'me'. It's pretty black and white, and that has happened with a lot of my outfits this year actually, despite my, what you could call, colourful personality. However I worked around this by including rosy cheeks and my denim shorts.

Is it just me or are ponytails boring? Well, mine are anyway. You might remember me jazzing up my ponytail when I was in Scotland. I did it again but instead just with two strands in the shape of my parting. It kind of shaped my face or something, and I liked it! Except in school I just have a habit of throwing my hair up in your average pony. It's easier as I play hockey, but the weekends, I gotta go all out!

I actually do know the band on my tee! PVRIS are an amazing American rock band, and I discovered them in March this year. Their album White Noise is refreshing, epic and unique, and you have no idea how much I love Lynn, the singer's voice. It's like melted chocolate, but better. 

Listen to White Noise, St. Patrick, Ghosts, Fire and Holy - they're my favourites!

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  1. JANE YOUR STYLE :O like pls can I be you PVRIS are amazing yass

    1. GRACE CAN WE SWAP THEN PLEASE I know PVRIS are fab ahh!

  2. This outfit is fab, you have amazing style! I especially love your shirt xo


  3. Love the outfit! Your style is always so perfect. xx



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