26 October 2015

FASHION | Last Minute Halloween Inspiration

Click on the image to see where the items are from!

What's up, witches!

Do you feel that chill in the air?

Costumes and decorations loom every corner in shops, tutorials are everywhere on YouTube, and clocks have turned back making nights longer and creepier - it must be Halloween soon!

Looking for some last minute outfit inspiration? Then check out my Polyvore collage above. It even has Wednesday Addams on it... I mean, that's pretty spoopy*.

You can go lazy with a top that says 'This is my Halloween Costume' or 'Costume not Found', which can be easy to DIY or perhaps to order online. Maybe your make up should steal the show? Just look up make up tutorials - as I said, they're everywhere. Or maybe have a quick shop around for cute halloween accessories. I hope the above collage is some sort of help!

I think I'm going to be an alien or space girl. Let's hope it's Instagram, YouTube and blog worthy!!
What are you dressing up as? 

Are you going to a party? 
I'm not invited to any as per... I think I'm just chilling with friends on the night, but I'm dressing up anyways!

Happy Spoopy Month / Halloween!

*For those who don't know what spoopy means or thought that it was an incorrect spelling, click here


  1. Love your blog atm it is gorgeous!! Defo adding your blog as a bookmark, I'm obsessed! katiereidx.blogspot.com

  2. Lovely post, Jane! Definitely going to take a better look at your Polyvore collage this evening. Definitely need some inspiration. I don't know where the time went. Halloween is this Saturday! xoxo


    1. Thank you so much Guilianna! Where does the time go?


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