11 September 2015

TRAVEL | Camping Trip

On Wednesday, I received my Junior Cert results (I'm over the moon with them), and soon after, with my year, I hopped on a bus to start our camping trip adventure. Most students after receiving Junior Cert results go out in the evening to a disco, while my school sends everyone to Lough Dan for two nights every year!

We arrived, set up our tents and then ate lunch. As I'm on the newsletter committee I was constantly snapping pictures of everyone and was having a laugh with it. The field had a tyre swing, and as you can see above, I had a go; let's say I wasn't very elegant.

In the afternoon, the group set out on a 2 hour walk, through bushy paths and down steep hills. When we came back, my tent group cooked dinner; burgers, sausages and beans. As it was my first time camping, the realisation of how busy one can be came to me; we were constantly tidying, washing dishes up and eating! But soon enough on this night we got ourselves together and gathered around a bonfire to roast marshmallows and chat. Getting to bed was pretty tough in the pitch black night, but we settled down eventually.

Morning came, and we woke up bright and early to get ready for our twenty two kilometre walk. Yes, that is what I wrote, twenty two kilometre walk! To say I was dreading it is an understatement. The walk is part of a programme TY students can do called Gaisce (also known at the President's Award) and one of the activties to be completed is an 'Adventure Journey' or hike. Hours passed during our hike and we finally reached our destination for lunch, and with only two or so hours left in the journey, it didn't seem so bad. But then my massive fail occurred.

We were walking across a boggy field when I saw, what I thought was, a tiny muddy stream. Not noticing the path around this 'stream', I decided to skip and hop over; the worst decision I've ever made. It turned out it was not a stream but a deep muddy river! My left leg sunk knee deep into the gunk, and with my class mates around me laughing and my dignity falling to pieces, I laughed too. But I did walk the walk of shame with my muddy leg.

It was our last night, and since we had done a five hour walk there was a chilled vibe in the air. I played cards with some of the girls, and after winning a round made myself a delicious s'more (as seen above). I don't believe I made the s'more properly as I think a square of chocolate is needed, and it was more of a marshamallow and chocolate digestive sandwich, but nonetheless, it was yummy.

The bonfire was lit again, music was played and people danced. We sat around the fire again and chatted. The trip was quite an experience that I won't forget, and man, did I sleep well that night.

I arrived back home this morning, not in my most freshest or perkiest state with midgie bites all over my face, but chuffed with my results and completing my camping adventure. 

Shoutout to my tent buddies; Sarah, Claire, Rachel, Anna, Rachael and Marie (even though Marie wasn't actually sharing the tent with us she still gets a shoutout), and also to my year!

On Tuesday night before the results, I attended the H&M A/W Collection show, thanks to Stellar Magazine, and you will see my thoughts on the event and collection this Sunday! See you then,


  1. I think it is awesome that they include that! What a great way to learn new things. This looks like a ton of fun :)

  2. Ohh it looks like it was such a fun trip. The TY's in my old school did the Gasic award walk thing too. Im so glad you're happy with you Junior Cert results. I hope you enjoy TY x

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