14 September 2015

EVENT | H&M Studio AW15 Collection Preview, Dublin

In August I entered Stellar magazine's competition; a giveaway of 200 tickets to the preview of the H&M AW15 Collection in the shop in College Green, Dublin. I received an email just a few weeks ago confirming that I won a ticket and a plus one! I was ecstatic as I was dying to see the collection (which has now been available since 10th September by the way - hit the shop soon!) and attend the sophisticated event as part of the Dublin Fashion Festival!

I myself had mistaken the event as a fashion show, not a shopping event; I expected there to be seats and a catwalk. However, Mum and I walked in to see none of this, just the normal shop except filled with (mainly) women with drinks, a DJ, loud music and the new collection. We had missed the first bunch of models showcasing the collection we later realised, but we got a good view of the second group by plain luck. The organisers of the event were clearing a path, and Mum and I stepped back, clueless, standing front row as four models strutted on to four podiums, which I had previously posed on for outfit photos!

Staff handed around drinks and cake pops. I used a cake pop as a prop for my outfit (you know, typical Queen of Quirk shenanigans), planning to eat it at some point; sadly later it dropped from its stick to the floor. I'm sure it would've been tasty 
if I ate it!

The coolest part of the evening was by far being sketched by Conor Merriman! He had a selection of his drawings of models wearing the H&M collection, with no heads, as he would sketch your face onto your picture of choice if you queued in the (very long) queue. Nevertheless I was entertained in the queue by chatting to the lovely blogger Filomena behind Enhance What's Yours with my Mum. 

Mr. Merriman apparently thought I was blonder than I actually am, possibly because of the lighting, but I still LOVE his sketch of me with the statement studded jumper.

Instant stand out themes to me of the entire collection are sports luxe, modern vibrance, texture and warm autumnal shading. On the H&M Studio catwalk in March, zip-up jackets and coats set the sporty mood, with utilitarian futuristic shine from lurex knits and dresses. 

Looking at the four models above, it seems minimalistic but also patterned pieces were key to the designers. I really liked the brown/red suit and the outfit on the far left (white jumper and army green jeans). The chevron design on the dress on the far right was a constant occurrence in the exclusive designs. There was one AMAZING novelty rocket handbag that I instagrammed - it doesn't matter to me that it was in the kids section, it's now on my wish list!

 H&M Studio is H&M's limited edition collection, and I felt very fashion forward as I stood there viewing four of the looks from it before anyone outside the event could see them. I did not purchase or try on anything (there probably should have been discounts...?) but I will definitely have a proper look the next time I pop into H&M


Top - bought in Belfast, can't remember shop name!
Necklace - present from Portugal
Skirt - Miss Selfridge 
Blazer - Top Shop
Tights - Tesco
Boots - local shoe shop
Bag - Kipling

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