17 August 2015

STYLE STEAL | Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez is a new-ish gem in the music industry, first making a statement on The Voice (USA) in 2012. Since then, she's made a place for herself with her quirky music and hauntingly beautiful voice, only a few days ago releasing her debut album "Cry Baby". I would'nt be surprised if she takes the world by storm.

"Cry Baby" has a toddler, childish theme, with song titles replicating things associated with kids, like "Carousel", "Training Wheels" and "Play Date". However, her lyrics are twisted and dark, touching the tricky topics of love and perfectionism in today's society. Her music videos are just as creepy and memorable. You know what's just as unique as Melanie's tunes? Her style, 
of course.

Melanie styles her two hair colours and colourful make up with puffy dresses and skirts, lots of pastel shades and big hair bows. To capture her fashion sense in just one outfit, here are five essentials - a hair bow, a peter pan collared dress, chunky boots, a funky phone case and an accessory that is out of the ordinary.

Not only do I adore Melanie for her music, but I love how she's making experimental and 'different' fashion her own. 

Do you like Melanie Martinez? Do you like her style? Would you steal it?

If you would like to see where the items of clothing are from, then click here.

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