18 July 2015

EVENT | New to Ireland! Flormar Professional Make Up

Wednesday evening, I attended the Flormar Press Launch Blogger Event at the Residence Club in Dublin - my first blogger event, just to let you know.

The evening was fabulous, much like Flormar's hashtag #fabulousflormar. I got to browse the make up range as well as watch Leonard Daly demonstrate Flormar's products. On top of all that, I received a goodie bag filled with Flormar make up; their bronzer, nail polish in Turquoise Green, lipstick in R10, lipgloss in Backstage, eyeshadow palette in Nude Dudes and Illuminating Primer. I certainly will tell you all my first impressions of these soon!

Leonard Daly was brilliant; he introduced lots of different techniques to me. For example, when applying highlighter, he likes to curl the product around the eyebrow; to make foundation last longer, dab off the excess of sunscreen and moisturiser with a tissue on your face before applying the base. I asked him a question remarking the age group for the product range - it is aimed at 18 to 35 year olds. However, he claimed it, of course, can be for any age. I believe this brand should be more aimed towards younger teens too, as the cost of the make up is so convenient!

So, who are Flormar? Flormar is a professional make up brand that started out as a nail polish brand in Milan in 1970. It is sold in 80 countries, stocked in over 40,000 stores, and now has finally made it's way to Ireland. Priced between €2.95 and €12.95, Flormar is a cosmetics collection that won't break the bank. Flormar will soon be at a pharmacy near you!

Will you be trying out Flormar's make up?


  1. The brand sounds amazing! Can't wait to buy something from it


    1. Same! I can't wait to see the products in a pharmacy!

  2. This looks like a total blast! Fingers crossed the brand is just as amazing as their event!


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