26 July 2015

A Summer Barbecue

Happy Sunday!

Just (another) quick post, this time dedicated to photos of a barbecue I had with my friends on Thursday! They're quite the bunch!

I'm super busy, as last night I was at Ed Sheeran (which was fantastic), and today I'll be heading to my second home in Connemara for a few weeks, but for the next few days I will have three of my friends with me there! We'll be on route to the west when this is posted, and that is so excitiiiing!

I'll be back on track soon, and will hopefully get a YouTube video up this week (make sure to subscribe)!

22 July 2015

OUTFIT | Low Pony and Check

Shirt - Aeropostale
Jeans - American Eagle
Shoes - Converse

The last of the outfits from my USA/Canada trip, which means the end to the summer-holiday-OOTD series thing I was doing!

On our first evening in Toronto, we went out for dinner. My outfit was a mix of chic and casual with the long pony and check shirt. The shirt that I bought in Aeropostale was at a reduced price of $14 (around €12) from about twenty something. Bargain! I adore the back, as it adds on an interesting twist to the outfit. I matched the shirt with my grey ripped jeans and my Converse. 

For hair, I wanted to try something different. This low ponytail reminds me of the models you'd see at London or Paris Fashion Week on the catwalk! My lips were a bright red, and my eyes were lined and winged out, as per.

20 July 2015

EVENT | Blogger Meet Up July 2015

This is one of my favourite things about blogging. There are people behind the blogs (most of the time), living people, and that never occurs until I see the people. These people are people who, like me, began to blog as a hobby that has made an interesting turn in their lives. 

So I went to another meet up last Sunday the 12th of July! I reunited with Grace, Aveen and Sarah, and met Cliona and Karolina, and her friend Ciara. From Cheeky Nandos and sitting on the grass together to taking selfies and me being weird once again, this meet up was another success.

The words have already been expressed in February of the wonder and awe I experience when meeting my friends from the internet. It's unbelievable.

If you have a blog, and you there, reading this, have friends online that share a common interest with you, safely try and meet up with them; it's worth it.

Thank you Aveen, Cliona, Grace, Karolina, Sarah and of course Ciara (start a blog!) for everything.

18 July 2015

EVENT | New to Ireland! Flormar Professional Make Up

Wednesday evening, I attended the Flormar Press Launch Blogger Event at the Residence Club in Dublin - my first blogger event, just to let you know.

The evening was fabulous, much like Flormar's hashtag #fabulousflormar. I got to browse the make up range as well as watch Leonard Daly demonstrate Flormar's products. On top of all that, I received a goodie bag filled with Flormar make up; their bronzer, nail polish in Turquoise Green, lipstick in R10, lipgloss in Backstage, eyeshadow palette in Nude Dudes and Illuminating Primer. I certainly will tell you all my first impressions of these soon!

Leonard Daly was brilliant; he introduced lots of different techniques to me. For example, when applying highlighter, he likes to curl the product around the eyebrow; to make foundation last longer, dab off the excess of sunscreen and moisturiser with a tissue on your face before applying the base. I asked him a question remarking the age group for the product range - it is aimed at 18 to 35 year olds. However, he claimed it, of course, can be for any age. I believe this brand should be more aimed towards younger teens too, as the cost of the make up is so convenient!

So, who are Flormar? Flormar is a professional make up brand that started out as a nail polish brand in Milan in 1970. It is sold in 80 countries, stocked in over 40,000 stores, and now has finally made it's way to Ireland. Priced between €2.95 and €12.95, Flormar is a cosmetics collection that won't break the bank. Flormar will soon be at a pharmacy near you!

Will you be trying out Flormar's make up?

16 July 2015

TRAVEL | One Night in Niagra-on-the-Lake

After seeing Niagra Falls, we stayed in an inn in a small town called Niagra-on-the-Lake in Canada for one night. It was a beautiful town, and a beautiful B&B. Because everything was so beautiful, here's a collection of photos from our stay in Niagra-on-the-Lake a few weeks back so you can soak up the Canadian village authenticity. Enjoy!