21 June 2015

OUTFIT | We're All Living the Good Life, Whether it's Hail, Rain or it's Sunshine

Crop Top - Bershka
Shirt - American Eagle 
High Waisted Jeans - Bershka
Shoes - Converse

In hail, rain or sunshine I would have gone to The Script's concert in Croke Park. On the evening of June 20th, Ireland did decide to have some sunshine, and those conditions were what I favoured more!

Hi! I'm back to blogging as I have finished my Junior Cert... finally!! Hopefully I'll even be back to better, and more frequent, blogging for this summer and Transition Year, and the future I guess! 

In celebration of the ending of the exams, I went out last Thursday night with friends, but also on Saturday ventured to Croke Park to see The Script perform. The Script have been a firm favourite of mine for quite a while now, my first song to love being "The Man Who Can't be Moved". They're still just a small Irish band to me, but they sold out Croke Park and live streamed their performance, and that amazed me. They put on a fantastic show!

For my outfit of the night, I opted for a summery look with a bright crop top and shirt put together with high waisted jeans. The concert look was complete with my sports luxe converse. My makeup contrasted the clothes, as I created a bronze smokey eye with a pop of green - in honour of The Script's Irish nature of course. Despite the clashing colours, I believed my makeup and outfit did my concert spirit justice.

If you'd like to see how and what I used for my makeup, then make sure to subscribe to my new YouTube channel as I will be uploading my first video soon!

I'm heading out to America tomorrow with my family for two weeks; we'll be visiting Chicago and Niagra Falls, as well as Ontario and Toronto in Canada; I'm all packed and ready to go and have another adventure! I'll hopefully get to blog, and I will for sure take lots of photos of places and outfits. What I'm most thrilled for is shopping, shopping, and even more shopping!


  1. it looks like you had an amazing time! I also love your outfit :) Great post



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