10 May 2015

OUTFIT | When You're Fifteen

I look like I have black eyes :o

Blazer: Bershka
Top: Love Culture
Trousers: Only
Shoes: local shoe shop
Jewellery: presents

" 'Cause when you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you
You're gonna believe them " - Taylor Swift, Fifteen

It has been a week since I have turned fifteen... already! I feel like fifteen is the teenage age. There are many characters from books and films who're fifteen I've come to known over the years and when I was younger, that age was foreign and grown up. A persona that springs to mind is Georgia Nicholson from Louise Rennison's books and the film Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Georgia has her fifteenth birthday party (!!!!!!) but when I initially watched the film (I was probably ten or eleven), I believed Georgia was another species, a 'proper' teenager. Fast forward to now, and I'm Georgia's age, that 'proper' teenager. I think I'm stuck in 2011 as I still feel like I'm a tween.

My birthday was very well spent last Sunday. My biggest present that I so so so so happily received from my parents was a Mac Book Air. ASDFGHJKL! I can't believe it and I'm even typing on the laptop (whom I've named Timothy) as at this second. It's beautiful, and I'm so thrilled to have it for blogging and soon filming videos *hint numero uno*. If you follow my Instagram, this week you'll see some photos of things I received from other rad people, so stay tuned to that page (it'll be easier than doing a haul as I don't have time for another blogpost; Junior Cert is eating my life away, slowly, one bite at a time...).

Events on my birthday, in chronological order, include (because lists are fab):

- Mass at noon, and it was nice walking to it with my sister Emily as the weather was ideally warm.

- Watching out for my brother Mark who was doing a race by the street of our house. He did very well I must say - I think
he ran 15.5 km!

- Cleaning my room, because it was in a state, and a week later is still in a state. Summer will be major room and wardrobe revamping time!

- Getting ready for dinner in Dublin with mum, dad, Emily and Mark, applying my new Urban Decay Illuminated, and putting on a gorgeous peplum shirt handed down from Emily and my bright trousers.

- Emily kindly snapping some photos of my outfit in front of the Mansion House, (where the mayor of Dublin lives!) before heading into the restaraunt. I had just walked over to the fancy building when mum told me that it was the mayor's house, and I was gobsmacked as I didn't realise. It did feel inappropriate to take blog outfit photos in front of his crib since he is a lot more superior than me.

- Eating a chicken caesar salad starter, a steak main course and a surprise ice cream birthday dish at 'Fire' restaurant and lounge with the family. It was a lovely first experience there, and I'll never forget that friendly waiter who sang the words 'happy birthday dear... customer' as I blew out the candle.

- Seeing the new Avengers flick in the cinema with the clann. That was a rare occurrence; I don't remember the last time we all went together to see a movie! Anywho, the film was action-fantastic and had super, super cool filmography.

- Eating my birthday chocolate cake when we arrived home, and that was very late in the night. Who cares when it's your
birthday, ay?

- Studying. NOT. Oh dear...

My two friends/neighbours surprised me with an spectacular card covered in Brendon Urie cutouts and A 5SOS CONCERT TICKET FOR 28 MAY!!! I'M FREAKING OUT!!! I can't wait aghh  *heart eye emoji*. I'm definitely going to wait until the concert to hear in full their new song Permanent Vacation. EEEK!

Unfortunately, Queen of Quirk will be a bit quiet from now until after 16th of June when I'm finished my exams. Be excited, as the real party won't start until then. A ton of new posts and maybe videos (??) are coming your way *hint numero dos*!


  1. Aw it looks like you had a great time, I love your outfit!! And also, good luck with the exams, you'll do great I'm sure! :)

  2. happy belated birthday, sounds like you had a lovely time! I also felt the same about the fifteen age but now I am fifteen I'm nothing like I thought I would be haha:)
    Emily x


  3. That is super exciting! I hope that fifteen treats you well. You will have so many amazing experiences coming up!


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