11 April 2015

OUTFIT | I Believe in Pink

Happy end of Easter Holidays; I do hope all of you who had a break enjoyed it!

I really love wearing the colour pink, I must admit. It's bright, feminine and 'spring' to me, that slight girlyness complimented these crazy cat ears! In these photos the magenta Aeropostale jumper really does stand out from the beautifully bleak background last Easter Sunday evening. I tempted my sister Emily and Mum to go for a walk at the beach in the mild cloudy weather, which just turned into a photo taking session on the hill near the strand. Typical...
Emily did my makeup earlier that day, and it was so gorgeous! She used my Naked 3 Palette and did the most incredible eyeliner I had ever seen (the pictures don't do its justice). Speaking of the photos, Emily and Mum are pretty talented with the camera. I've learnt a new photo trick from Emily that made the first picture have a cool blurry background. I don't know technical terms; as you can see I'm very professional. :D

I wish we had the remarkable weather that we're experiencing here right now on Easter Sunday, as this week I've missed out on the sun sitting in revision courses for Irish and English. For those wondering, they were great and I now have some brilliant notes. :D *yay for learning*

Back to the daisy cat ears from Claire's; they are my latest obsession! I'd wear them all the time if I could; I need to collect more designs. Eva Gutowski for sure influenced the purchase. They're too adorable!
I seem to grab my Superdry slip ons often for any reasonable outfit I wear (meaning not tracksuit bottoms). They are comfy, as I've probably mentioned before. Another Superdry item on show is Emily's matching jacket that I borrowed (too many of her clothes are now featuring here), which has hints of pink in the zip and a tartan pink design in the hood. Another love of mine is the snazzy owl necklace my mum treated me too when she went to Lanzarote a few weeks back.

THE JUNIOR CERT IS SO CLOSE YET SO FAR MEANING SUMMER IS SO CLOSE YET SO FAR. *sighs* I'll be there soon Transition Year, I'll be there soon.

^^ How cool is this gif thing?!?!? ^^

Hairband: Claire's
Jumper: Aeropostale
Coat: Superdry
Jeans: American Eagle
Slip ons: Superdry
Necklace: Lanzarote jewellery shop
Phone Case: Bershka

08 April 2015

BEAUTY | The Lushness of Lush

I hope you like the new name! I thought it was time to move on from Dorky, Fizzy and Quirky Stuff and finally have an understandable, sensible and shorter name. The quirkiness is still there alright!

I am developing a fetish for an animal-testing-fighting, fresh, ethical, handmade, wonderfully scenting bath brand...
Yes, you guessed correctly; it's Lush!

But what is so lush about Lush? Let's dip into the mystery by analysing the only Lush products I own! Yippee!

And at that moment I longed for the ability to smell pictures on computers.

I without a doubt felt giving as I handed in not just one, but two, of these goodness filled lotions for 2 euro ( I think ) several months ago, with that cash (except taxes) being sent to organisations of environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights. 2 euro hopefully made a difference... Nonetheless, these tiny samples are florally and sweetly moisturising, with a hint of rosewood. Like most lotions it takes centuries to dry, but it's worth it as it's aroma screams SPRING to my nose.
Lushness level; 82%

The description of this jelly is pretty luring for Junior or Leaving Cert students, I must say.
Whoosh, with a name that not only sounds like the whizz of deadlines, but depicts ideally the swiftness of the slippery formula as it splats to the shower floor, has been around in the household for quite a while. That worries me as it said 'Best Used Fresh' and I don't remember what the Use By date says. Despite it's likelihood of being old, it's zingy, rejuvenating fragrance of the sea was uplifting when I scooped a bit out in the shower recently. It really will be handy for exam season, so I hope it will be all right if I break the Use By rules. Whoosh is too refreshing and lovely to bin!
Lushness level; 85%

Hello other sea themed product! Breath of fresh air or sea breeze may not be the right definition for this spray. I think I should be hired for renaming Lush Products; introducing the 'Spit of Fresh Air' or 'Sea Splash'! The toner is invigorating, startling (I suppose if you spray it directly to your face) and calming. Although it is recommended just as a pick me up or a cool down, I use it as a quick toner at night; it's too wonderfully skin benefiting to limit to just those tasks.
Lushness level; 90%

My first ever Lush bath bomb was more pleasant to smell before use than when it was dissolved in the bath. Not that it didn't give off a nice aura when it tinted the water, it was that I could hardly smell it. Maybe I did it wrong; should I have not done the whole bath bomb at one time, or not wait until I had a Snapchat story up of the bomb fizzling in the water to hop in? Perhaps my nose just malfunctioned in the tub...

Anyway, the scent when I could smell it was sweet, sugary sweet, and was fun to watch as it crackled with popping candy in the water. My skin felt quite soft afterwards and I was more relaxed following my bath. My favourite thing about having Space Girl was that it left an aromatic fragrance in my bedroom for a day or two, as well as when it was in my room unused.

Lushness level; 83%

Ultimately, Lush is pretty lush!

I'd love if you could leave your recommendations from Lush in the comments - next time I'm going to the shop I will
surely splurge!