10 March 2015

OUTFIT | Welcoming Spring with a Pop of Green and Naked Teeth

 The colour of my trousers is green, but the lighting makes them appear to be more of a turquoise shade. Just putting that out there first.
March is supposed to bring good weather, fresh flowers and brighter evenings as it is the commencing of the new season. Brighter evenings have certainly been spotted, while fresh flowers include daffodils in places here and there, but good weather, as usual, is a bit fat question mark. However, the weekend I wore this outfit was quite sunny and mild, and that's quite reassuring!

It was such a relief to have my mock exams finished the other week. They weren't as bad as I expected, and I've got a few A's and B's in the bag so far. I'm super happy! March means less than three months to the Junior Cert exams, so the next while is going to be tough. Anyway, in spite of that, I went to the cinema the other day with friends!


I was overjoyed posing in my driveway as it had been too long since I modelled an outfit for here. The sun was shining, and my excitement was stirring inside me, as I was to meet up with the gang and see the movie Kingsman; The Secret Service that evening following my drama lesson. Plus, I loved my outfit and face of the day.

The handbag is my new favourite accessory; it's classy and feminine. I'm obsessed with my fluffy woolly comfy goodness of a jacket and am reluctant to let it go for SS15.

Speaking of SS15, I love the trends that are to take over. Seventies vibes, suede, tulles, denim and off shoulder pieces have appeared on the catwalks this year. I am forever looking forward to a serious retail therapy session in June after the Junior Cert to catch up with the world of fashion!

My dad came outside and I offered him the chance to take a picture with me. You can see the fascinating result below. Fascinating. I love him to bits.

IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED (*cough* more attention to titles please), I GOT MY TOP BRACES OFF! Sorry for the caps, but I am so so so so so pleased with my new smile. Only the top ones have come off due to the delay of my bottom ones from my wisdom teeth removal a few months ago. However, I don't really mind since the top ones are the only teeth you can really see. I'VE BECOME USED TO THEM ALREADY BUT WOW I AM SO HAPPY.

Seventeen's Stay Pout lipstick in Audition is currently my most worn shade. It's sheer and is the prettiest shade of pink! I thought it complemented my Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On eye pencil in Vacancy on my waterline. This blue liner also went well with my outfit, possessing that pop of colour feel. My neutral eyes were created with my trusty Naked 3 Palette, with a faded Rimmel Scandal Eyes Precision Micro eyeliner flick.
Don't mind my music album wall in the back of the photo below. I have to fix it, but keep forgetting! Blue-tack was not a wise choice; cue CDs crashing on the floor at 3 am. Yes, it was frightening.

So, what's new for you?
Are you looking forward to the spring season?


  1. You look stunning Hun that make up is making me feel all summery xxx

  2. You're so pretty omigod stop !

  3. Lovely post, Jane! You look absolutely gorgeous! Your teeth look beautiful! xo


  4. I am obsessed with the gorgeous colours going on in this look! You are definitely ready for spring :)

  5. Love the jeans - that pretty pastel shade is perfect for spring! x

    Amy | The Perks of Being Amy

  6. I love those jeans and that purse girl. We should so collab again! That was so long ago that we did that last time.. Great post thought girl! Keep up the good work :)

    Juliana Grace | www.julianagraceblogspace.blogspot.com

  7. Love this outfit Jane! (also sort of a festive outfit considering St Patricks Day is just around the corner) Also, your teeth look so great! x


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