28 March 2015

OUTFIT | Madness Madness Madness

The oral exams have nicely come to an end, but the written exams are lurking around the corner in 67 days. Madness!

Last Saturday, I once again bought tickets in the cinema with friends and we saw Insurgent. I loved it, despite it's many differences to the book. I must say, I really enjoyed Theo James' screen time (wink wink)!

The outfit that I wore that day was very comfortable, laid back but still dressed up. I really like my Madness top; it depicts me quite well, and my Super dry shoes are so convenient.

Lots of my outfits I've been wearing lately has consisted of at least one thing I've borrowed off my sister, in this case, the long, cosy cardigan. Right now, my wardrobe and clothes collection sometimes isn't satisfying me (you know the usual 'I have nothing to wear' state of mind), but I'll have to wait until the summer season (trees, the buzz, kissable dandelion fuzz...) to revamp my fashion, which will include a big shopping spree when I'm on holidays in the USA with the family in July.

fly away, Jane, flyyyyy

Props to my sister and the sun for the marvellous photography!


I'm now so used to my top naked teeth, it's weird seeing photos of me with braces! I'm so happy that the braces paid off; my twelve year old self wouldn't recognise me, even though that wasn't too long ago.

In other news, it's the Easter Holidays, and I'm actually looking forward to getting my head stuck into study. I can see all of your shocked faces already; there was no sarcasm there. You see, the Junior Cert is coming up pretty quickly, and I'm quite ambitious to do well in them, so these two weeks will definitely give me the chance to get some hard-core revision done (ugh I sound so nerdy, but it's true)! It will be a bit of a pain, I must admit, but hopefully worth it.

I will give myself breaks of course. I have a feeling the weather in the next few weeks will be nice, so I don't want to be stuck inside all day. If I'm not out, I'll at least be studying outside!

My make up lately has consisted of the Naked 3 palette, Urban Decay eyeliners and bold MAC or drugstore lipsticks. I should change it up a bit, but I love a bit of colour on my waterline.

This cute phone case from Bershka was spotted by Emily the other week when she was out, and she kindly bought it for me. I still have to pay her back though...
Shout out to Zara and her friend Sarah who I met up with last Sunday; they were so lovely.
No matter how cheesy it is, I adore its simplicity.
I have a 'blog snapchat' now, if you'd like to add me: queenofquirk.
I'm thinking of changing my blog name (gasps) to Queen of Quirk. Please let me know what you think!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend; I'm off to yet another disco tonight, partaaayy!

20 March 2015

What's on My iPhone?

There's something about iPhones. The clean, sleekness of the gadget? The collection of classy colours available? The swiftness of the touch-screen? The accessible fun, handy apps? The fact that basically everyone on the entire planet owns one? Who knows. Today's most popular phone is dominantly taking over our lives as fast as social media and technology is. And, as of last Christmas, one of these masterpieces them is now in my possession.

For you gadget and tech-lovers, and all my readers, I have delivered to you a run down of the applications that are currently on my iPhone 6, some you will know, some you will never heard of before. Let's get cracking...

 My lockscreen displays an artsy-fartsy picture of a street in Rome, while my homescreen is a group photo of me with my friends going to a party, hidden behind the community of apps. I'm on the far right, in case you didn't spot me!

So the four bottom apps are not necessarily the most used; I hardly ever phone people, text occasionally, and Snapchat is just there so I can click on it on a whizz to 'snap chat something', as I say. Photos is important, however, as I'm a lover of photography, and I enjoy keeping my Camera Roll in moderation and organisation... most of the time!

Settings, safari, mail, app store... They're the basic basics. Followed after them are the basics; my social media apps.

- Tumblr is for when I want to drool over band photos, fandom gifs, fashion show looks, unique make up, creative photography and hilarious text posts.

- Twitter is for communicating with awesome-possum people and for documenting my life in extraordinarily random bursts of
140 characters.

- I open up Bloglovin' when I need some motivation to blog, because where else would I look?

- Camera is tapped on for shameful selfies and group selfies, as well as anything that is photo-worthy in my eyes.

- Instagram, my everything. Instagram offers inspiration from others and the chance to inspire others. It's probably my
favourite app!

- Viber and Whatsapp is downloaded for chit chat groups and for organising days out with friends.

- Google Hangouts is not used so much now/ I used to contact my blogger friends with it, but now with the power of Twitter DM groups (yes, they are a thing now), Hangouts may disappear from my phone eventually.

- VINE. NOTHING HAS NEVER MADE ME LAUGH AS MUCH AS VINE DOES. Scrolled through also for band and fandom purposes, as well as a pick me up. Some vines are too damn funny... and weird.

- YouTube provides videos of a weird singing girl with lots of lipstick, a boy with side swept dark hair that talks with his head always tilting the same way about his failures in life, and many more video makers for my entertainment.

- Netflix and I are on a bit of a break. I'm too busy, he's too busy; it just doesn't work. Soon, I will be back with him, watching TV shows and movies... I look forward to the day!

- Storie is a new app, I think was made by FunForLouis, and is basically a vlog type app where you can upload quick videos that record the events of your day. So all in all, it's similar to Snapchat! But for me, Snapchat is for my personal use, and I hope to use Storie for my, as you could call it, 'blogging life', when that life becomes more exciting. I'll let you know when I put up a 'Storie'!

- Notes is actually such a handy app, as is Reminders. Do not underestimate the helpfulness of Apple applications!

- Music is pretty much my life right now with the help of Spotify. There's too many bands, too many songs... Too many bands...

- Music, the actual app, on the other hand is less of an essential for me, as Spotify has all the music I listen to these days, as well as other fab albums I haven't yet discovered.

- Pinterest and Polyvore, both fun Tumblr-esque apps I love, are a bit out of action right now for me. I'll get back into it
at some stage.
- Lookbook is where a collection of recent OOTD photos locate; a cool, fashionable app, great when you're on a search for new fashion bloggers to follow.

- Google + is mainly just a place for promoting my blog, really. It's not a very exciting app, in my opinion.

- Quizlet and DS File are for school purposes (I really recommend Quizlet; it is a flashcard app and makes learning French phrases, for example, a lot simpler)!

- Google Translate, Calculator, Yr.no (a weather app), Clock, Calendar and the Extras and Other folders are the most boring areas of my phone, so let's move on to the folders at the top of the screen...

Fotor, VSCOcam, Squaready, Pic Collage, Be Funky, Pic Lab
(I forgot to snap the second page of this folder, but I think it just had iMovie and other video editors!)
These magnificent apps consist of beautiful filters and interesting effects to make my Instagram photos look decent enough.

Dubsmash, Heads Up, Jump, FaceQ, Quiz Up, Fall Out Bird, Crossy Road, Flappy Bird, Dumb Ways to Die, The Line, Minion Rush, Dot, Two Dots, 2048, Panic! In Vegas
I have neglected these fun apps recently. I have a lot there for the option! Fall Out Bird and Panic! In Vegas are both games made by the bands Fall Out Boy and Panic! In Vegas and are so fun. I prefer Fall Out Bird to Flappy Bird; the app playing Fall Out Boy songs, and instead of a bird it is the band members avoiding obstacles are only a few reasons why. I don't really understand how Panic! In Vegas works, but it plays Panic! At The Disco in the background so I'm not complaining one bit...
Heads Up, Dubsmash, Jump and Quiz Up are brilliant games to play with friends, laughing fits guaranteed!

Forever 21, Hollister, ASOS, Bandsintown, and The Hunt
(Wish has actually been deleted since I took this photo!)

If I'm ever in the mood to do window-shopping but not motivated to leave the comforts of my bed, I turn to this folder. Bandsintown however is for upcoming concerts in my area. It's fun to keep track of artists who are on tour.

That is all that is on my iPhone 6! I hope my blog post has satisfied your nosy needs.
What's on your phone?

10 March 2015

OUTFIT | Welcoming Spring with a Pop of Green and Naked Teeth

 The colour of my trousers is green, but the lighting makes them appear to be more of a turquoise shade. Just putting that out there first.
March is supposed to bring good weather, fresh flowers and brighter evenings as it is the commencing of the new season. Brighter evenings have certainly been spotted, while fresh flowers include daffodils in places here and there, but good weather, as usual, is a bit fat question mark. However, the weekend I wore this outfit was quite sunny and mild, and that's quite reassuring!

It was such a relief to have my mock exams finished the other week. They weren't as bad as I expected, and I've got a few A's and B's in the bag so far. I'm super happy! March means less than three months to the Junior Cert exams, so the next while is going to be tough. Anyway, in spite of that, I went to the cinema the other day with friends!


I was overjoyed posing in my driveway as it had been too long since I modelled an outfit for here. The sun was shining, and my excitement was stirring inside me, as I was to meet up with the gang and see the movie Kingsman; The Secret Service that evening following my drama lesson. Plus, I loved my outfit and face of the day.

The handbag is my new favourite accessory; it's classy and feminine. I'm obsessed with my fluffy woolly comfy goodness of a jacket and am reluctant to let it go for SS15.

Speaking of SS15, I love the trends that are to take over. Seventies vibes, suede, tulles, denim and off shoulder pieces have appeared on the catwalks this year. I am forever looking forward to a serious retail therapy session in June after the Junior Cert to catch up with the world of fashion!

My dad came outside and I offered him the chance to take a picture with me. You can see the fascinating result below. Fascinating. I love him to bits.

IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED (*cough* more attention to titles please), I GOT MY TOP BRACES OFF! Sorry for the caps, but I am so so so so so pleased with my new smile. Only the top ones have come off due to the delay of my bottom ones from my wisdom teeth removal a few months ago. However, I don't really mind since the top ones are the only teeth you can really see. I'VE BECOME USED TO THEM ALREADY BUT WOW I AM SO HAPPY.

Seventeen's Stay Pout lipstick in Audition is currently my most worn shade. It's sheer and is the prettiest shade of pink! I thought it complemented my Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On eye pencil in Vacancy on my waterline. This blue liner also went well with my outfit, possessing that pop of colour feel. My neutral eyes were created with my trusty Naked 3 Palette, with a faded Rimmel Scandal Eyes Precision Micro eyeliner flick.
Don't mind my music album wall in the back of the photo below. I have to fix it, but keep forgetting! Blue-tack was not a wise choice; cue CDs crashing on the floor at 3 am. Yes, it was frightening.

So, what's new for you?
Are you looking forward to the spring season?