20 February 2015

TRAVEL | Roman Holiday

Two weekends ago, as part of our Christmas gifts from Mum and Dad (which now that I think about it, I didn't include in my haul, woops!), we, Mum, Dad, Mark, Emily and I, flew 2000 km away from home to the historic, famous city of Rome (yes, I consider myself a poet). However, our reasoning behind this journey was to see the Ireland vs. Italy Six Nations game in the Stadio Olimpico. T'was a fun game!

We have visited the spectacular city twice before, so were used to the surroundings of all the main tourist sites. Nonetheless, on our last day, the Sunday, we decided to browse around. Out came my camera, iPhone and photography skills as we strolled the streets of the ancient promenades, including the Forum, of where one of the oldest, most powerful empires in world history used to reign. CUE PHOTOS OF PRETTY BUILDINGS!

seriously that architecture tho

Bro and Sis looking alt

Many of the buildings were being renewed or cleaned or reconstructed or something of that sort, including the Trevi Fountain when we went to visit it, my favourite monument of Rome. It was basically invisible behind masses of scaffolding. I was disappointed is an understatement; at least I have experienced its beauty before!

the Forum

Me looking alt

Julius Caesar's statue...  I think!

me looking alt part 2

And the only building you recognise; the Colosseum! Super proud of this photograph :D

I have no idea

A brilliant weekend in the capital of Italy included;
- constantly squinting in the sun. Always bring sunglasses, no matter what time of year it is!
- seeing Ben Stiller sit near us in a restaurant and the becoming star struck with the rest of the fam... apart from Mum. She shockingly didn't recognise his name. We did try our best to be as calm as possible, as locals were chill about it. So chill. No, we didn't get an autograph or photo.
- being awe-struck in hipster zone Brandy Melville on Via Cola di Rienzo. And of course spending a few bob there!
How could I not!?
- whipping out the good ol' selfie stick in front of the Colosseum, and soon realising it's the norm of Rome with street sellers promoting their *adds Italian accent* 'selfie selfies' everywhere. And I mean everywhere.
- marvelling at makeup in KIKO (for approximately 3 minutes as we were in a rush to the match) and hurriedly buying a random lipstick because I 'had to buy something there since it isn't in Ireland'.
- eating lots and lots of pasta, but not pizza, for some odd reason.
- half studying on the plane there and back, because a few days following our Roman Holiday were the beginnings of my February Junior Cert Mocks. Joy.
- WATCHING BIG HERO 6 ON THE PLANE HOME (I got to watch it all before we took off as were delayed for aaagggeesss) AND ADORING IT TO BITS. We had TVs on our plane for only a two and a half hour journey because it was a bigger plane and the Irish Wheelchair Rugby team were on board and needed more room for their legs, I'm guessing. BUT BIG HERO 6 I CAN'T.
Sincere apologies for the delay of this post, or any post, as I'm (sadly, reluctantly) limiting my time in the blogging 'sphere as study is a bit of a priority right now *cries because blogging is better and Fashion Week in London has started*. Next Friday, I'll be finished my mock exams but then for a few weeks after I'll have mocks and real oral exams. Busy, busy! Hopefully I can blog occasionally, but definitely this Sunday a blog post will be coming your way all about a meet-up with teen bloggers last Sunday.
See you next time!
I now leave you with Fall Out Boy - Centuries for two reasons:
1. It's based in Rome... Duh.
2. They have a song in Big Hero 6 (not this one) and


  1. Great photos, and OMG I'm so jealous of you going to Fall Out Boy in October, they are my FAVES! And I agree, Big Hero 6 was the bomb diggity! ^_- xx



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