18 December 2014

M&CO Wishlist for Under £100

 It's a week to Christmas Day! Wooooohoooo
I decided to enter M&CO's blog competition and had to make a wish list from their website, so this is the result! It's under £100 but not €100 unfortunately! Nonetheless, I hope you like it :D

Today I'm heading off to surgery to get my wisdom teeth removed, so I might be out of action in the next few days (the beginnings of Christmas break ._.). I'll let you all know how it goes!

Dear Santa,
All I Want for Christmas from M&CO is...

 Red Tartan Scarf (£20 / €25.24)
 Tartan is always an essential A/W pattern, but I have hardly any of it! This scarf is so pretty; it would work perfectly with the Parka on this wish list, or any of my winter gear. It can be styled in different ways too; helpful for
recreating outfits!
Purple Fleece Slipper Boots (£12 / €15.15)
 These just look too fluffy to not wish for! I am an owner of lots of slippers and am open to lots more;
they're so comfortable.
Quilted Gold Chain Bag (£17.50 / €22.09)
 Does anyone think of the infamous Chanel bag when they see this? If so, they're my thoughts exactly. It's so 'classy and fabulous' but a lot cheaper than the designer version! A chic addition to night out looks, this bag is irresistible!
Touch Screen Gloves (£5 / €6.31)
 The tech-y generation is forever becoming bigger these days. For those cold winter days (almost everyday in Ireland), I would love to have these gloves so I can keep my fingers warm while being able to tap at my phone. A very important tool for bloggers on chilly days!
Long Pearl Necklace (£6.40 / €8.08)
 Chanel-ing it back to Coco Chanel again (see what I did there?), pearl necklaces remind me so much of the Roaring 20s era. They can easily jazz up any plain outfit with that hint of vintage elegance.
Parka Jacket from Kylie range (£26.60 / €33.57)
 It seems like everyone I know has a parka jacket, but they're all army-green. Seriously, I was in Dublin with my friends the other day and most of the girls were wearing jackets that were almost identical to each other; they're very popular jackets here! Nothing wrong with them, they're stunning parkas, but this navy one is that bit different... That difference being the colour, obviously. I absolutely love the look of this coat; the colour of it means it can be worn with anything, and the faux leather detailing is very stylish. I need it!
Total = £87.50 / €110.43
 Not too expensive, eh Santa?

The prize for the competition is to win the items on the wish list and get you're wish list published on M&CO's blog, or if you're a runner up you just get the wish list on the blog. Cool prize, ay?
Thanks to M&CO for letting me know about this contest, I had lots of fun making my wish list!
 Talk to you soon!


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