25 December 2014

❄ A Holly Jolly Christmas ❄

Merry Christmas!
I hope you all enjoyed this festive day with those you love. Christmas Day for me was brilliant; I hung out with my family, ate too much gorgeous food, pulled crackers, gave and received gifts (the received I truly adore) and also went on a walk with my dad and granddad, which is not a tradition, but I would love to make it a tradition now! I think everyone should go on a Christmas walk; the crisp winter air is very refreshing and the quietness is so relieving from the usual high jinks in a family household on December 25th. Perhaps an idea for next year?

Dad kindly took some photos of my outfit for the special day when we went on our walk through the woods beside our house. I'm very happy with how they turned out; well done father! ;)

Topshop top | Bershka jeans | Boots from a local shoe shop | Forever 21 Jacket

Me and my Granddad :D

a sneak peek of what I got!

I'm off to finish a lovely evening with my family watching TV next to our Christmas tree, and we might play a board game!
How was your Christmas?


  1. Jane! This post was adorable and your shirt is so nice and festive! I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening and the rest of the holiday season.

    Juliana Grace | www.julianagraceblogspace.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks so much Juliana Grace :D I hope you do too x

  2. Amazing post! And I LOVE Michael Buble

  3. Your outfit is so cute ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  4. I am so glad you had such a great Christmas. You're outfit was so cute, I wish I had it!
    The scenery is so pretty.


  5. Love your outfit!



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