31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

Wow! 2014 is ending in 2 hours. What a year it was.

As you can tell by the photos, I had quite a lot of 'memories' of 2014.
Some are big events, some are tiny random moments, but all were good memories. 2014 was a brilliant year; I've made new friends and with that a lot of great events occurred. My resolutions were very vague last year but I guess I kinda-sorta-accomplished them. To be honest
I don't even know.

So for 2015, I won't be doing any resolutions.
I say every year 'this year will be the best year', 'this year I'm going to be a better person', 'new year, new me', but you know what? I just talk the talk. And walk the walk. Yeah, I had a pretty amazeballs year (and grateful for that) and yeah, I may have changed. But I may as well have said all that and I'd still be 2013 Jane and not have done anything different.

I'm stepping into 2015 the same. I'm happy with who I am and what I'm doing so far on this planet called earth. This year may be more terrific than the last, but I'm not counting on it.

Goodbye 2014.
(A year of socialising, laughs and fun events)
Hello 2015.
(Probably a year of lots of studying but then exciting things after exams)

It's Jane here. The same person. No wishes for an improved life. Just here to see what happens. Cheers!
*I grin as I lift up my glass of sophisticated seven up*

But I am going to make a bucket list.
Because a bucket list and resolutions are 100% divergent to one another. I think :D

Happy 2015, fizzy, quirky dorks! Thanks for sticking around.

29 December 2014

❄ Christmas Gifts I Received ❄

Traditionally I am back to you with a Christmas Haul! Some like these posts, some don't, as they see it as bragging, but the nature of these popular blog posts or YouTube videos is basically like showing your best friend what you got for Christmas. You know, that really nosy friend that wants to know every detail. I'm one of those friends, I must admit, but I don't want to pester my friends; that's why I like watching or reading about what people got for Christmas online!
I am so so so so so so x1234566776891 thankful for everything I received this year (biiiggg thanks to Santa ;) and all my family and friends!), and I CAN NOT WAIT TO SHOW YOU ALL! So let's get a moooove oonnnn....

Meet Tiffany. My iPhone 6.
I was hoping to get an iPhone this Christmas and I was over the moon when I saw that it was the 6th edition! I love it so much; isn't it beautiful? Santa, you're the best!

Who would like to know What's On My iPhone?

Zoella Beauty Body Mist and Make Up Bag
Thanks to Santa for the spray ;) and my sister for the bag (they tricked me into thinking they couldn't order them!). I love Zoella's videos and was delighted that I was able to get some of her products. The body mist is a universal scent, and I love it; that's good since I didn't smell it before! And isn't the make up bag so cool? Zoella's eyes though...

Smelly Things
I love diffusers, so I can't wait to use these.

No7 Skincare Collection
 I love the look of these products; expect a review soon!

Mini Nail Salon, including Nail Polish and a NAIL DRYER!
This comes with a nail dryer! It may possibly save my life!

Urban Decay Full Frontal Lipstick Stash
Urban Decay Vice3 Eye shadow Palette
Urban Decay 10 24/7 Eye Glide On Pencil Set

All these terrific make up goodies I am sharing with my sister.
Aaaaaaah I love them all so much! I am really looking forward to using these products!
Expect new make up looks and tutorials in 2015...

MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam IV
My second MAC lipstick ever, this one being a gorgeous dark rose shade. Thanks Emily!

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
 I'm due a new mascara, so to see this bad boy on Christmas morning was brilliant!

Claire's Ear Cuffs + Claire's Hairband
The ear cuffs are so cool! And the pattern of the hairband is verynice.

Seventeen Lipstick in Audition
So many lipsticks this year, which is fantastic since I'm wearing them more now.
This colour is so bright and lovely.

Pink Handbag + Ted Baker Lip Set
This handbag is stunning; pity the latch won't close! I think it's broken. I'll fix it somehow!
Even more lip things?! The colour of the crayon, lipstick and pencil is a lovely plum red.

Real Techniques Brush Set with a stand!
 From my best friend Sherlock... I  mean Sarah (that's her nickname; I'm John to her :D) I got these amazing brushes. I'm scared to
use them they're so beautiful!

2015 will now be the best year because of this.

A Selfie Stick!!!
Oh yes.
Cute Floral Earphones
I'm listening to music a lot lately, so to have a good stock of earphones is always accepted!

Touchscreen Gloves
Yayyyyy! Remember I added these to my M&Co wish list? Well, these aren't from M&Co, but they're still touchscreen gloves! I haven't tried them out yet; hopefully they work...

American Eagle Vintage Boyfriend Shirt Jacket
My mum said I could order something from American Eagle and it *might* be delivered by Santa, so this is what I picked out! I love this so much, it's so comfortable to wear. I can wear it as anything; a coat, jacket or just a top for layering!

Hollister Gold Crop Top
So glitzy :D I adore this crop top! Perfect for a party.

Abercrombie & Fitch Top
Thank you to my brother for this pretty flowy top; I love it!

Topshop crop tops

When I was in Dublin on the 23rd I spotted these two crop tops and thought I would love to get them for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (see my outfit for Christmas Day here) and of course other occasions, so Mum kindly bought them for me for Christmas! I'm so happy with them; they can be dressed up or down.

Jack Wills T-Shirt
I needed more plain t-shirts that match with anything so I was delighted with this!

The three above are from my best friends Evelyn and Lauren;

Hollister Daley Ranch Cami
I tried this on and I love it! I'd wear it more in summer but perhaps I can wear it for a party or any other time that I don't have
to be outdoors for...

Red Scarf + Pink, Dark Pink and White Scrunchies  
I needed more scarves and scrunchies; these girls know me too well!

Disney Frozen Pyjama Top
Hi I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs! :D:D:D

Calvin Klein Pyjama Bottoms
These unfortunately are a bit big on me, but we'll sort that out! My mum might sew them; if they fit me, I'd love them.

Frilly Socks from Avoca
These will work well with boots so I can show the frilly detail :D

Stella & Dot Bracelet
Such a simple but very chic jewellery piece. So pretty!

And the finale... My Lorus Watch
I love watches so having a few is not going to hurt anybody (as I may have broken one of the watches I received last year :/).
To see What I Got For Christmas 2013 click here and then here.
To see What I Got For Christmas 2012 click here.
Thanks again to all my family and friends for the fabulous presents! The best gift is my loving family and friends above all of course.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Shout out to Jesus Christ too on his birth month :D
I'm off to Waterford today, so talk to you all when I get back!

25 December 2014

❄ A Holly Jolly Christmas ❄

Merry Christmas!
I hope you all enjoyed this festive day with those you love. Christmas Day for me was brilliant; I hung out with my family, ate too much gorgeous food, pulled crackers, gave and received gifts (the received I truly adore) and also went on a walk with my dad and granddad, which is not a tradition, but I would love to make it a tradition now! I think everyone should go on a Christmas walk; the crisp winter air is very refreshing and the quietness is so relieving from the usual high jinks in a family household on December 25th. Perhaps an idea for next year?

Dad kindly took some photos of my outfit for the special day when we went on our walk through the woods beside our house. I'm very happy with how they turned out; well done father! ;)

Topshop top | Bershka jeans | Boots from a local shoe shop | Forever 21 Jacket

Me and my Granddad :D

a sneak peek of what I got!

I'm off to finish a lovely evening with my family watching TV next to our Christmas tree, and we might play a board game!
How was your Christmas?