29 September 2014

My Autumn Fashion Staples

Autumn has certainly arrived - in the blogging world anyway.
Otherwise, the atmosphere and weather in Ireland hasn't transitioned just yet; no crisp air or coats and scarves so far. Leaves are only beginning to slowly fall off the trees and change colour from ever-green to a reddish-brown. So, the season has almost arrived officially!

I am definitely ready to wear more heavier clothes in colder weather following a very hot and sunny summer. I am hoping to shop for more wintry clothes this October mid-term, but for now, here are some Autumn fashion staples
that I'm loving.


This shade of red is a dark colour that I admire a lot, as you can tell by the amount of maroon clothes I have. I like to style the tops with jeans and the maroon trousers with jumpers and the MADNESS top coming up next.
My choker pictured above is a recent favourite too. So grunge and fierce!
This slogan t-shirt complements the maroon trousers wonderfully, and of course sums up my imagination. I am on the search for more tops like these!

I've owned these babies for about one year now. Dunnes Stores finest! My combat boots is one of many purchases that I am so delighted about months after buying them. Jeans, jeans, jeans are what I pair these with, as well as my maroon coloured dress (yes, more maroon) which I wore to the Dublin Fashion Festival Creative Quarter Fashion Show (here) a few weeks ago, pictured below.

Sweater weather! Everyone has got to adore snuggly, cosy, warm, soft jumpers. They're practical and chic, as you can dress them up and down with anything. The cream one I love to style with my maroon trousers.

I'm a jeans girl all year long, apart from in the summer months occasionally, but how could I not include them here? Every girl should own a good pair of jeans or trousers that work with everything and that look great on them (unless you don't like jeans, there's nothing wrong with that). I have many, since I like them a bit too much.

snazzy, elegant and feminine and masculine at the same time, if that makes any sense, This blazer is a nice fit, and can, once again, be styled up and down.

I am in love with this jacket; another buy from a year ago I still cherish! A casual but edgy throw-on, a leather jacket is an autumn must have.

I must claim that I'm not a 90's kid, but this trend from that decade is one to follow. They jazz up ponytails, buns, and half up, half down do's. I always feel a Clueless vibe when rocking a scrunchie. "Ugh, as if!"

What are your Autumn fashion staples?

27 September 2014


Are you kideen me?!? Haters Back Off!

hugging her!

Selfie with Rachel Ballinger!

We are so bootiful!

Yes. It happened.
(if you don't read this is Miranda's voice, my uncle will spank you).
My friend Mia and I are keen YouTube fans, and began watching Miranda around this time last year. We thought she was odd (that's a bit of understatement), as everyone does at first, but as you watch her, her videos become funnier and funnier! We were aware she was just an act. I hope you know that too (in case you were not, here's what she is really like)! When you watch Miranda's videos and her real self Colleen's videos, you grow to love them more and after a year, you end up going to the show with your best friend.
Mia and I attended her show last Sunday in Vicar Street with VIP tickets, which meant we were to meet her after. We were very excited. And there's another understatement; we were way more than excited! We made her a poster, bought her Keogh's crisps and Barry's Tea and Mia drew her a picture. And of course, we wore the lipstick!
We sat third row from the stage - so close! The show began with Colleen singing and then changing into Miranda. Mia and I throughout the show were screaming with joy, laughing, taking pictures, laughing, waving our hands to try and get picked to go on stage, and failing, and did I mention laughing? It really was an amazing and greatly entertaining show. She was so funny, and Rachel, Colleen's sister who also is a YouTuber, made appearances and she filmed the crowd for her vlog.

When Miranda scurried off the stage and people began to leave, those with VIP tickets started queuing up to meet her. Mia and I grew more and more exhilarated as the queue grew smaller. On the way up I recognised the YouTuber Bandeadd and said a quick hello, and told her I love her videos. She seemed delighted. So I can now say I've met three/four YouTubers (Bandeadd, Rachel Ballinger and Colleen/Miranda)!

Anyway, when it was our turn, I gave my iPod to Rachel, (!!!) to take our photo. "I love your lipstick", Miranda complimented us. She was part Miranda, part Colleen for the meet and greet, and was very thankful for our gifts, poster and Mia's drawing. We posed for our photo, and Mia and I swiftly took a selfie with Rachel. The minute passed by so fast, yet so slow, and we were so happy walking out the door to my Dad's car to go home. I am so glad I had the opportunity to go to her show and tell her how much I enjoy her videos.

Here's another plus; Miranda Sings and Colleen Ballinger both followed me on Twitter!

Have you ever been to Miranda's show? Have you ever met a YouTuber?


19 September 2014

Fashion Shows + Dublin Fun | Dublin Fashion Festival 2014

Fashion (noun):
1. a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour.
2. a manner of doing something.

The weekend of Thursday the 5th to Sunday the 8th of September was when the Dublin Fashion Festival took place. It's basically Dublin's fashion week, but not as big as London or New York... maybe soon it will be! I attended last year to an event in Dublin during the festival, which you can read about here, and it was fun, but 2014; a lot better. I didn't go to every activity on in the city centre, but I made the most of it. I definitely want to get more involved with the festival in Transition Year; it's brilliant and improves as the years go on.

I went to the Creative Quarter Fashion Show on the Friday evening with my mum. It was held in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre (love it there) and it was set up very sophisticatedly and everyone was wearing the coolest, most stylish outfits (how could you not?!). The Creative Quarter Fashion show was supposedly one of the 'highlights of the festival'. I was let in a bit early, as I was a 'little blogger', and the organisers claim me as 'part of the media' (thanks for that Mum!). I'd say half of those who attended the show were bloggers! I stationed on the balcony above the catwalk and snapped pictures of the looks; lots of sequins, feathers, wools, and retro ensembles for the A/W 14 season. The host, blogger Angela Scanlon, was good at show casing the looks.

My Outfit
Dress: American Eagle
Tights: M&S
Shoes: Dunnes Stores
Necklace: Forever 21
Jacket: Forever 21

Isn't this graffiti cool?! I love creative street art that looks appealing!
On Sunday the 8th, I travelled on the Luas again to head back into the centre for a bit of shopping therapy. I was accompanied by my two trusty friends, Caroline and Mia. We hoped for a bit more fashion than we got that day on Grafton Street; the Fashion Bus, that we planned to have a look at and maybe go into, was closed. We took photos of it nonetheless.
When we arrived, we needed some grub. We took out lunch from O'Brien's to eat in St. Stephen's Green. Caroline and Mia had sandwiches and I had chicken Caesar salad, which was very tasty. After posing for a few photos for our OOTDs, the three of us shopped till we dropped!
Topshop, Only and Lush are just a few of the stores we browsed. I bought a choker, my first ever Lush products *gasp*, and a gorgeous maroon top. I have quite a love for the colour; autumn and Tumblr vibes and Maroon 5 are to blame.
You can see what I got at the end of the post as well as the DFF goodie bag I received from the fashion show!

Caroline's Outfit:
Top: Diesel
Leggings: Jack Wills
Shoes: Clarks
Bag: Shop in London

Mia's Outfit
Top: Berska
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Converse
Bag: From Mallorca/Majorca
Rings: Topshop

My Outfit
Top: River Island
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: same as before
Bag: Kipling
Scrunchie: Penney's/Primark

What I Bought / Got

And now, it's time to analyse whether this year's goodie bag was any improvement from last year...

A Galaxy bar (eaten straight away)
Special K Biscuit Moments and Cracker Crips
Palmolive, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Colgate and Comfort Creations (I mean, wow) samples
Chewing gum
Vouchers and brochures
and a Compeed plaster once again!

Well, Dublin Fashion Festival, your goodie bags were, alright... Haha!

What I bought from Lush!

Choker from Topshop. Top from Only

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Dublin Fashion Festival experience.