12 August 2014

The Best Looks at the Teen Choice Awards 2014

I commented on the Teen Choice Awards fashion last year and I have decided to make it a yearly article! I didn't watch it, as I don't have the right channel for the show in Connemara, but I always love researching and analysing
who wore the coolest outfits. 
Apparently, there was some controversy on the Teen Choice Awards were rigged in some way, and that some stars knew they were going to win the week before. Lots of viewers were arguing on Twitter with the hash tag #TeensDontHaveAChoiceAwards. In my opinion, it is quite annoying if these rumours are true, but it happens all the time on TV. Competitions on television are usually staged. Despite the friction, I still feel glad for the winners and am more interested in the evening's best dressed.
I am not a fashion expert, by the way.

Tyler Oakley and Bethany Mota
This pair of YouTubers won the Web Star awards, and looked like they worked together on their outfits with matching hints of lilac, and looked very flattered and shocked, no doubt. Bethany's dress is surely a favourite of mine; girly and cute, just like the eighteen year old herself, the details of flowers reflecting the personality ideally. Tyler looks smart and snazzy with his purple shirt, white sweater and black trousers (Q and SLAY - apologies, I just had to). I couldn't find any photos of their footwear, but I'm positive they were the right picks.

Victoria Justice
This dress is the most stunning crochet ensemble I have ever set my eyes on. It fits Victoria's figure perfectly, and, although I'm confused about the colour of them, the simple, chic heels complete the look. Her half down, half up hair is on point with the vintage, lady-like style.

Nina Dobrev
Oh my. The Vampire Diaries star once again wows me with her colourful look. The bright pink heels, gold purse and laid-back braid finish off the unique outfit. The top and shorts can so easily be worn casually as well with flats and a pony tail, which is what I love about them. Well done Nina!

Demi Lovato
Girl-power songstress Demi usually sports rocker chic as her signature look, but on the evening of the awards, she flaunted her polished, sophisticated side. I adore the gold details and her hair is styled the original Demi way. But, this outfit was only for the blue carpet. For the show's opening performance, she changed into black-Moschino-everything for singing her award winning single Really Don't Care. Guess what? She really didn't care what people thought of her elegant to tougher-than-tough transformation.

Selena Gomez 
The past few years, Selena has rocked dresses for the TCAs, but for 2014, she mixed it up a little. She arrived in an all black lady suit, partnered with rose-gold accessories and a low ponytail. It's as if Demi and Selena decided to swap style for the blue carpet! The starlet looked flawless and stylish in the outfit that you wish you could pull off at work.

Taylor Swift
Summer, summer, summer is what screams at me when I observe Taylor's gorgeous green crop top and skirt and her bright yellow heels. Very summery indeed. The signature fair fringe has, again, not failed to make a cameo appearance, but her hair is styled more choppy than normal, which I love! Fabulous look, Taylor!

Ariana Grande
This taleneted singer/actress has a had a lot of success this past year, with The Way, Problem, the show Sam & Cat and her new song, Break Free. Without doubt, Ariana attended the awards looking fashionable. She wore a classic white mini-dress paired with beige heels, and her hair was half up, half down, typically. Definitely the simplest ensemble of the evening, and deservedly one of the best!

What was your favourite outfit at the Teen Choice Awards?


  1. Love these posts every year :D Bethany Mota and Taylor Swift look amazing omigod my favourite was Chloe Moretz ! xx

    1. Yeah Chloe did look stunning, just wasn't my favourite outfit (love her though)! And yeah I love posts like these :D x


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