17 August 2014

Look at The Bright Side | Going Back To School

 "Why does school exist?"
"I'm a student, get me out of here!"
"Thank goodness I'm home."
"Why can't summer last forever?"
"Let me stay in bed."

"Back to school?!?! Noooo!"


Do these complaints sound like they came from your mouth?
Do you just not want to go back to school?
If so, I'd suggest you read on.

There a million and one unique scenarios across the world for students. You could like your school, but can get stressed on work. You could have a terrible relationship with that one teacher in the subject you love, or a few teachers. You could hate the school you are in because of the facilities and the bullying and no one is nice. You could be getting bullied. You could have lots of friends and are happy outside the classroom, but despise each and every subject and teacher and the whole aspect of working. You might loathe going to school because you want to do what you love instead - sleeping... The list goes on.
What I'm trying to say is that I can't help everyone. This post can only be a guide to those out there who's loathing for school isn't due to a serious issue. If you're in a severe situation, tell someone who can help you.

I (Jane, the writer of this blog) love school. There, I said it. I like learning, I relish spending time with friends, I have good relationships with teachers, I like being organised, and that can motivate me to study, I love playing hockey after school and the overall atmosphere is pleasant. I'm looking forward to returning after summer. But not every person is the same. That is the basis for this post today; maybe telling you all why I am positive going back to school and respect school will help you change your attitude.


 Essential notes to remember throughout the school year:

- You. Are. LUCKY.
Many children and teenagers around the world don't have the opportunity to have a proper education like yours. You should appreciate the fact you have the chance to learn, which then can help you with your future. You can have a future. Keep that in mind.
- Even if there are subjects you are doing that you don't like and don't see the reasoning behind learning the content if you won't use it in your life once you're out (cough... algebra... cough), think again. Subjects, including those ones, are there to expand your general knowledge. Yes, algebra can be useful. Although what you're listening about in class, reading and studying may seem pointless to you, and you don't have interest in it, it is better to know lots of things than nothing, as it can aid you in the future.
- The teachers who pile on the homework and push you very hard with tests and lessons, whilst they seem like your worst enemy, are giving you lots of work for your benefit. It's their concern for you to achieve and want you to do the best that you can.
- School is your chance to make some wonderful memories. Some of it can be a bit boring; the homework, study, not going out that much, but life can be fun in school; you are meant to take pleasure in school life.
- Understand what is worth it and what isn't worth it; working hard to achieve good results, learning what you're learning and babbling with nice classmates is worth it, while stressing, dealing with ridiculous drama, spending time with people you don't like and being someone you aren't isn't.

Now that I have pointed out the key things about school, let's get on to 5 steps to starting your year the right way.

Step 1: SLEEP, eat good food and exercise. There's nothing better than feeling on top of the weather after getting a goodnight's rest; I recommend sleeping for about eight hours to be full of energy. Eat as healthy as you possibly can, and also in the morning, have a big, hearty breakfast. If you don't do any sport, exercise is very important for a healthy body and mind - try the gym, Pilates or yoga. Doing these will not only make you feel good, but will help you concentrate more when getting your head stuck in the work.

Step 2: Get organised early and start a routine as soon as possible. I can't say much here, as you have to be independent and realistic to create a pattern and balance out your work with other commitments. There's no point saying you will study for two hours. Instead, decide to write out notes for chapter 12 in Science and learn the definitions. Quantity beats quality. Set goals for the day, week, month and year. Also, remember to reward yourself with what you like, for example time to watch your favourite TV show or YouTube videos, read blogs (I wonder which one I'd recommend... cough...) or your book or treat yourself to your favourite snack - this can motivate you more to work.

Step 3: Get out of your comfort zone and try new things this year. Get up in the morning earlier and perfect your make up, and attempt new, amazing hairstyles every day - receiving compliments always boosts your mood. Sign up for alternative sports, or clubs you never thought you would join like debating, choir or the student council, and you'll get to talk to more people, in and outside of school. Doing things that satisfy you during the year can make you feel ecstatic. But don't forget to balance - be sure you aren't undertaking too much.

Step 4: While you're tweaking your usual week with fresh activities, don't forget about shaking things up with your own friends! To make up for lost time over summer, plan something entertaining to await eagerly for early in the term, like an autumn/winter wardrobe update at the shops or a night out. That will no doubt put a smile on your dial returning to school. And, start making your breaks throughout the day more exciting with fun conversations. Something simple like that can spice up your year!

Step 5: Even when it's tough to settle into a structure at the beginning, and you're getting frustrated, hold your head high. You will ease into it soon. Time flies by, so summer shall come around the corner again soon.
Let's have the best nine months everrrrrrr!


  1. I actually look forward to going back to school after the summer but after a few weeks I'm feeling like I want another break! In three weeks I'm going into my last year of school and now I've (almost) been through the whole 12 years of it I think I'm going to be wishing I was back at school when I go to college next year. I'm going to enjoy it this year as much as I can! Great post x

    Maddie // itsthatplacecalledhere.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I love school for reasons like your's I don't think I would have done TY if I liked it so much ! This post it really amazing and your paragraph on being lucky to go to school and the subjects, etc. is so true and really puts things into perspective ! Idk when you go back & I'm sure I'll probably tweet you this on Twitter but best of luck in Third Year :D You'll be grand xx

    1. I'm not back yet but thank you soo much Grace!!


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