24 August 2014

Elegant in the Evenings | Summer Fashion Part 3 (The Finale)


Although it isn't officially the end of the summer holidays just yet for me (August 26th), it pretty much finished on Friday. I came home from Connemara (a few weeks very well spent there) and headed out to a fun summer disco that night with my gorgeous friends. The few days following up to school consist of preparing and getting organised, so I just want to start already!
Here's the final part of my Summer Fashion series, which I really enjoyed styling outfits, asking my parents and sister, ever so politely, to take photographs, posing and writing for. You can read the other two parts here and here. I think it shall mark the conclusion of the holidays on Dorky, Fizzy and Quirky Stuff, but don't fret! You have lots to be excited for, mainly, my take to the #TeenBlogSeries, which starts tomorrow at 6:30 pm, I think, and lots of teen bloggers are taking part! Also, I'll be going to a few events this September, so keep your eyes peeled... and haters back off! - that was a clue for one of the events, by the way.


Top: Hollister
Shorts: H&M
Sandals: local shoe shop
Hoodie (in hand): Hollister
Floral headband: Penney's/Primark

A very casual night look, featuring lots of flowers and bright colours, similar to my Floral and Neon ensemble in the first part of Summer Fashion. The string top was my sister's, so it was odd for me to wear it as I was so used to seeing her sporting it. That evening I dined with my family to celebrate my brother's acceptance into Trinity College (so proud of him!). I had lasagne; yum. I don't think I actually wore the hoodie then, but I must admit, it looks cool in the photos in my hand. Speaking of cool, what do you think of the hair-wind-flick-thing-photo above? Hah, Dad took a picture of me at so many random moments.

Dress: New Look
Cardigan: Penney's/Primark
Sandals: As before
Gold hairband: Penney's/Primark

You may recognise this dress from my London post. Well, here it is again! I love it a loooooot and wore it a loooooot this summer. This night, we were celebrating my brother's 19th birthday (he got a lot of attention this week). The dress code for the restaurant was slightly more dressy, and I did not hesitate on choosing what to wear. It's not clear in the photos, but the dress has a gold coloured zip, which matched my hairband - matchy matchy. The sandals have yet made another cameo appearance - they are more than likely the best pair I've ever owned, since they're on their second year running!

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Converse
Floral headband: as before

 'Ooooh snazzy Jane with one shoulder on show!'
Yes, yes, yes, mini dresses or shorts or anything of that sort (rhyme!) is uniform for discos in Ireland, or where I live anyway, as well as fake tan and heavy make up. Us girls had a laugh getting ready! And, woo hoo, the floral hippie headband sneaked itself into this outfit! It co-ordinated well, and although I was in all-black, it worked out to be a fun look, and thanks to my sister Emily for lending me this dress! An amusing and lively night it was, dancing and singing with the girls!

To sum up summer, I can tick off almost everything off my Summer Plans list, apart from D.I.Ys, a make up course and blogger events (ah well), but it was definitely the most amazing summer... ever!


  1. You look so amazing in every outfit - Can I please have your figure :O ? Congrats to your brother on getting into Trinity btw !

    1. Thank you Grace! :) And eh only if I can have yours ;)


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